flexible jobs

Flexible jobs, rather than a strict 9-5 schedule, can offer both employees and employers multiple benefits. We know that employment needs differ from one individual to another. Quality of life and family needs change, and we all have to be flexible to meet the demands of our lives. 

Luckily, there are a wide range of employment situations that offer the advantage of flexibility. Masiello Employment Services places qualified job seekers in roles like these throughout New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region, Southern Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. 

Flexible work schedules can mean a lot of different things. For instance, a position could offer a compressed schedule with a 10-hour work day but only four days per week. It could also mean flexible daily hours, temp-to-hire positions, and in some cases, a hybrid model with some remote work. Opting for a flexible schedule can provide multiple benefits for you and your employer. Here are some types of flexibility for you to explore.

Professional Advantages

Try Out Temporary

Masiello staffing managers frequently help place qualified individuals in temp-to-hire positions. This offers the job seeker the opportunity to “try out” a position and company to ensure it is a good fit. At the same time, the individual can continue to job search for a longer-term situation, if desired. 

With the security of an immediate income, skill development, and maintaining regular employment, temp-to-hire positions offer comfort and support. In addition, temp-to-hire roles often lead to full-time positions within the current company.

Shift Your Schedule

For specific companies, having employees work set shifts around the clock is the most efficient way to meet their business goals. Finding reliable, focused individuals to fill these jobs is a big win for employers, and it can be for employees to.

Because shift work offers non-traditional schedules, you can opt for a job that aligns with whatever other obligations you have outside of work. For example, maybe it’s easy for a friend or family member to drop your kids off at school while you grab an early morning shift. Then you can be available to pick them up, help with homework, and handle bedtime.

Plus, when work is done, it’s done. The next shift is responsible for picking up where you left off instead of the task pushing into overtime or your off-day. 

manufacturing worker

Make More

With some non-traditional roles, like shift work, there are also financial perks. A shift differential may be applied as an hourly increase for employees who choose late or overnight shifts. To make their operations run as smoothly as possible, employers are typically eager to keep these roles filled. So they may even offer sign-on bonuses as an incentive. If you keep your eye out for a position like this, you could reel in some extra funds along with an exciting new opportunity. 

Work With Energy

Imagine working throughout the hours of the day when you feel at your brightest! Maybe you are a night owl or an early bird. Flexible work schedules enable people to work within their personal energy routines. 

This can turn the hours you spend working hard into your most productive ones. Both employees and employers benefit from work efficiency. Working with positive energy can not only make your work more organized, it can also make it more brilliant.

Advance Career Goals 

Flexible jobs offer you time to focus on your professional development, accelerating your career goals. Added hours in your day mean time to attend school, earn certificates, or acquire professional development credits. This can be doubly beneficial for job seekers looking to advance or change their careers. 

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Personal Advantages 

Parent As Needed 

First and foremost for many individuals is the availability to meet the needs of a family. Finding time to fit in employment vs. parenting needs can put a strain on most people. Being able to care for children after and before school, fitting in school obligations, or caring for very young children is essential. It shouldn’t come with the added stress of affecting a parent’s employment. Flexible job schedules can allow parents the ability to meet these needs with more grace and less stress. 

Stress Less

Finding time to meet the electrician, take your elderly parents to get groceries, or even go to the dentist can be a challenge for strict 9-5 employment schedules. Many offices are open at the same time you are also working, leaving very little flexibility in meeting your personal needs. This causes undue stress. Flexible work schedules that provide an appropriate work-life balance can create relief and comfort. 

flexible job commute

Cut Down The Commute

Consider the difference between stop and go traffic when driving to a 9-5 job, 5 days a week, and commuting without major traffic as offered by a flexible job schedule. The commute becomes much faster, safer and less stressful. Instead, you can spend those extra minutes at home or at work, your choice! 

Find Time to Yourself

Choosing an alternative schedule can simply provide you with personal time to improve your quality of life. Having the space to take a yoga class, visit a friend, or even take a trip renews your emotional well-being. Happy people work harder, so encouraging employees to be human benefits managers and businesses, as well. 

Masiello Employment Services can help you find the right employment situation for your best life. Whether you would enjoy a long-term flexible schedule or a temp-to-hire position, we place job seekers in successful careers everyday! Don’t we all deserve a sustainable work-life balance? Contact us today to see how we can make your future better!