12 days of Community Caring

On the 12th day of caring, my co-worker said to me: “Don’t you love being part of such a great community?” Masiello Employment Services loves our wonderful community in Keene, New Hampshire and the Greater Monadnock Region. 

We greatly value the network of non-profits that strive to better the lives of all who live here. In celebration of this season of giving, we would like to share with you 12 organizations whose essential efforts make our beautiful region thrive and grow. 

Mt Monadnock

Photo by John Sepe – Social Media & Photography

Monadnock Center For Violence Protection

Serving thousands of local individuals, including children, who have been the victim of domestic and sexual abuse, the MCVP helps people rebuild lives. The staff at Masiello are hoping to help spread some holiday cheer by providing these families with special items they might otherwise go without this season. Look for more about this special team effort coming soon on the blog and on social media! 

Keene Community Kitchen and Fall Mountain Food Shelf

Food Pantry

The Fall Mountain Food Shelf provides families in need with food and personal hygiene products. Their goal is to reduce local hunger and malnutrition, as well as the negative social and health consequences that come with it.  Annually, they count over 12,000 visits from local hungry families and individuals. 

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative

KHKC is working hard to build initiatives centered around experiences that give them confidence. They believe all children deserve to reach their fullest potential. First and foremost, they assist with housing. In addition, they help prepare children for success at every level of school, beginning with kindergarten. The aim is to ensure they graduate high school and become engaged, positive members of the community. 

Monadnock Developmental Services

MDS assists more than 1,000 individuals and 700 families, children and adults, so they can live and work successfully in the community. Their mission is to improve the lives of isolated community members, particularly those with developmental and related disabilities. They do this important work through inclusion, participation, and mutual relationships. 

Keene YMCA

With the power to impact daily lives in our community, the YMCA is dedicated to making their facilities available to everyone. Their childcare program, swim lessons, and summer camp provide area children with places to grow, learn, and develop the skills to become healthy, caring individuals. And the entire facility creates a space for all locals to tap into the healthiest version of themselves.

Keene Serenity Center 

Embracing all modes of recovery, Keene Serenity Center works to move the line for those looking for relief. With the goals of inclusion, building leadership, respect, autonomy, and ending stigmas that surround recovery, they assist people eager to change and rebuild their lives. 

Monadnock Humane Society

Dog in Winter

Finding forever homes for unwanted animals is what Monadnock Humane Society does every day. They also care for those animals while homes are identified and provide them with basic and necessary veterinary care. It’s paws-itively wonderful how hard these folks work to provide for their adorable, fuzzy clients. 

Moco Arts

Moco Arts designs and presents performing arts education, fostering personal growth and confidence. They are committed to being accessible to all. As a family-centered, non-profit arts organization, Moco works through inclusion and creativity, using camps and classes to produce on-stage professional performances.

Keene Senior Center 

“The Center” is a local senior recreation hub. It provides community elders with programs that support dignity, independence and community involvement. From yoga and driving classes to city transportation and weekly meals, seniors can find a caring community at “The Center.” 

Monadnock Family Services

Monadnock Family Services (MFS) fosters mental and emotional wellness for all ages. They serve 500 children and 800 adults with mental illness using education, family support, elder care, veteran services, substance abuse prevention and treatment, they care for our most vulnerable population.

Arts Alive!

Arts Alive!

Photo by Arts Alive! The Art Table / Curbside Crafts by local artist Erin Sweeney at the Peterborough Town Library (part of the Arts Alive! Incubation program).

Caring communities thrive with a rich and diverse cultural landscape. Arts Alive! helps create this environment by connecting people with a sustainable arts landscape. They do this trough exciting initiatives like Discover Monadnock, which presents information regarding everything artistic and cultural happening in the Monadnock Region. 

Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail

A connection to the natural world around us is an essential human experience. Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail is a model of environmental stewardship. They aim to build a path to sustainability and discovery for all ages. Their initiatives include nature-based play, wheelchair accessibility, workshops, and environmental research.

Celebrating this amazing work, our supportive neighbors, and our local pride makes the holidays all the more joyful. Join us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn this year as we celebrate all of these outstanding organizations with the 12 Days of Caring Community!

And if you live in one of the broader regions we serve, like Southeastern Vermont or Northwestern Massachusetts, take a look around. What amazing things are happening in your community? Leave us a comment here or on social media. We’d love to hear!

At Masiello Employment Services, our deep connection with our network is what motivates us to work every day to build a stronger, more robust, and more caring community.  We know that rewarding employment can be a key part of a fulfilling life. If you are interested in improving yours, contact us today!