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Production Supervisor (Candidate ID: 61998)

Are you looking for a highly experienced Production Supervisor? If so, our candidate has 13+ years of experience in a manufacturing setting. He has also worked as a Machine Operator and considers himself a hands-on manager with strong mechanical ability. His current plant manager referred to him as the best production supervisor he has had [...]

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gifts

A handmade vase. A custom sun catcher. A personalized painting. DIY holiday gifts are extra-special because they’re made by hand and made with love—and, as a big bonus, they don’t break the bank. Some may think it’s best to leave gift-making to the pros, but everybody’s got talent, even if it’s well hidden. For equal [...]

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When it Comes to Hiring – Talent Brand Matters

    This week we wanted to take a moment to speak to the many companies and hiring managers out there currently faced with hiring challenges. The economy is hot, unemployment is at an all-time low, and talent is as scarce as ever. Hiring, it appears, is more difficult than ever. We wanted to introduce [...]

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