5 Highlights that Make Masiello the Go-To for Local Employment Services

This season, our Regional Director, Julie Pearson, appeared on Monadnock Business Spotlight, a podcast hosted by Luca Paris, President and CEO of the Greater Monadnock Collaborative, on the local 94.1 WKBK FM radio station in Keene. Their chat did such a great job of capturing what makes Masiello the go-to for local employment services. Here Learn More

Are Employment Agencies Worth it for Employers Facing a Tough Hiring Market?

Do you feel that chill in the air? It’s not the chill that tells you summer is about to turn into fall. It’s the chill of a cooling hiring market. You’d think that would indicate fewer openings with more candidates clamoring to grab them. But despite recent data, CNBC noted today’s market remains “a favorable Learn More

How Do Employment Agencies Take the Stress Out of Finding a New Job?

One of the most challenging parts of finding a new job is getting connected with the right people to land your ideal role. You can submit dozens of applications on those big job sites and hear nothing but crickets. And that can feel really discouraging. But that’s where employment agencies, like Masiello, come in. We