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Senior Sales Account Manager (Candidate ID: 22744)

Do you have a part-time (30-32 hours/week) temp-to-hire role within your organization where experience as a Sales Executive, a Digital Media Strategist, or a Recruiting Manager would be useful? Our candidate is seeking opportunities in the Fitzwilliam/Keene/Brattleboro/Peterborough/Jaffrey/Troy/Rindge areas where she can put her skills to use. She is friendly and professional, and references say she [...]

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Seasoned Manufacturing Sales and Marketing Manager (Candidate ID: 34861)

Outgoing and confident, our candidate has extensive inside and outside sales experience in a variety of industries. He has a passion for building relationships, generating leads, developing diverse product lines and services, and providing exceptional customer support. He has a bachelor’s in business management and is looking for a new role in the Surry/Keene/Walpole/Peterborough/Jaffrey area. [...]

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