Process Engineer (Candidate ID: 74399)

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on a Process Engineer with a bachelor's degree in Biomechanical Engineering. They completed multiple internships while in college and have been working in the field for the more than a year. In their current role, they’re responsible for project management, vendor communication, and troubleshooting issues on the floor. They Learn More

Plant Manager (Candidate ID: 74149)

Looking for a Plant Manager with a track record of success? We have a highly motivated candidate available within an hour of Keene with strong experience in project management, overseeing multiple departments, facilitating productivity meetings, and handling the supply chain. This professional is also prepared to create and maintain a streamlined budget, consider investments and Learn More

Training and Development Coordinator (Candidate ID:55176)

Our Training and Development Coordinator candidate currently works as a consultant in organizational effectiveness and employee training. They worked for 4 years as an HR Coordinator evaluating and revising their company HR systems and processes. They created performance management and training programs and assisted with recruiting activities including interviewing and attending job fairs. This candidate Learn More