What to Avoid in Your Job Search

There’s no doubt about it - job hunting can be stressful. If you are currently seeking employment, we’d like to offer you a few tips in the “Don’t Do This” category that will hopefully make your job search a little easier and more successful. Here are a few DON’Ts for job seekers: Don’t take rejection Learn More

Job Interview Myths – Debunked!

‘Doing your job’ is what you want to do. Before you get to ‘do your job’, you’ll go through an interview process. Interviews can be stressful and intimidating. Who isn't nervous during a job interview? We can help. It’s what we do. There are common myths about the interview process that we can dispel here Learn More

Why do most candidates miss a golden opportunity during an interview?

I always laugh to myself when I get to this part of the interview: Me (the interviewer):  So, do you have any questions for me? Candidate: Well, I did but I feel you really covered them all already. I have no doubt that the candidate is sincere when they say this.  A large majority of Learn More

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