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Marketing Director (Candidate ID: 60738)

Our candidate has a variety of great skills including marketing, production, staff management, and last but certainly not least, designing and building custom cabinets and furniture. He owned his own cabinet and furniture business from 2002 to 2011 where he handled all aspects from design to installation. He earned a BFA from Pratt Institute and [...]

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Graphic Design and Marketing Professional (Candidate ID: 11606)

Our Graphic Design and Marketing candidate has spent the past four years as a Lead Designer, creating professional websites, performing graphic illustration and corporate branding, generating commercial print and web content, and developing applications and software programs. He also provided marketing consultation and planning for various start-ups. Prior to that, he spent 14 years as [...]

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Marketing and Communications (Candidate ID: 15442)

Our candidate is a marketing and communications professional who just wrapped up a five-year role as a Tradeshow & Online Event Coordinator. Prior to that, he was the Director of Business Development for a furniture retailer and a Marketing Communications Analyst for a local manufacturer. He is currently seeking new full-time marketing roles within the [...]

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Seasoned Manufacturing Sales and Marketing Manager (Candidate ID: 34861)

Outgoing and confident, our candidate has extensive inside and outside sales experience in a variety of industries. He has a passion for building relationships, generating leads, developing diverse product lines and services, and providing exceptional customer support. He has a bachelor’s in business management and is looking for a new role in the Surry/Keene/Walpole/Peterborough/Jaffrey area. [...]

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Marketing Project Manager (Candidate ID: 30174)

Our Marketing Project Manager candidate has a great background in project management and administrative roles. In her most recent role, she coordinated and managed multiple advertising projects between sales, marketing and the creative team, tracking and communicating progress from conception to completion. She also performed as Marketing Executive Assistant, processing expense reports/purchase orders and invoices, [...]

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