This week, we’re featuring a Production Manager with extensive experience in the food industry, who has a great work history and skill set to bring to the table. A quick learner who is flexible and able to multitask, this professional is big on developing staff. In previous roles, they oversaw multiple production shifts, handled staff scheduling and payroll, and created a robust training program for all employees.

Also skilled in managing inventory, this candidate has a track record of increasing efficiency, reducing shrinkage, and handling inventory control. They are experienced in a standards-based approach, including following HAACP, USDA, and FDA guidelines. They also know how to create, implement, and monitor standards-based plans and procedures. If you’re located in the areas of Antrim, Greenfield (NH), Jaffrey, Rindge, Milford, Nashua, Keene, or Peterborough, call us to learn more about this candidate!