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Masiello Employment’s Guide to Navigating Flu Season

According to the Washington Post, the current flu season is on track to be among the worst in 15 years, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting widespread instances of the flu in every U.S. state except Hawaii. Here at Masiello Employment, we know you don’t want a sick day to keep you from your [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Guide to Summer: BBQ Party Edition

It’s July and, in honor of the traditional summer break, Masiello Employment is playing hooky from covering work-related topics this week and adding another chapter to our Guide to Summer. In this edition, we share tips for a favorite warm-weather activity: the BBQ Party! If you’re hosting a BBQ Party: Think Fire Safety—Remember, a barbecue [...]

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Job Searching Online? Tips for Being Cautious.

Hackers. Scammers. Phishing Attacks. In the internet age, no one is immune. While the topic is certainly not a fun one, many job searchers are not aware of new tactics being used by identity thieves that are taking place in the form of online recruiting. Fake job listings, phishing emails, scam phone calls, and it [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Guide to Summer: Pool Party Edition

Summer is about weekends more than weekdays, so—over the next few months—we at Masiello Employment thought we’d take an occasional break from covering Monday-to-Friday, work-related topics in order to highlight a few favorite activities for Saturdays and Sundays. This edition is all about pool parties, with tips you can use at a gathering around any [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Top 9 Ways to Exercise Outside

Physical fitness positively affects every area of your life, including your job or your job search. Because we at Masiello Employment want you to be and feel your best—and we know you might not have access to (or interest in!) a gym—we’re sharing our Top 9 Ways to Exercise Outside.  Our geographic location lends itself [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Top 9 Stop-the-Stress Tips

Job pressure is the number one cause of stress in the United States*, with 77-percent reporting they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress—including fatigue, headache, upset stomach, and muscle tension—and 48-percent reporting that the stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life.  That stops now! Because stress doesn’t have to be [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares: Cold & Flu Edition

Achoo! We’re in the throes of cold and flu season, and here at Masiello Employment we’d like to write you a prescription for good health—because you don’t want a sick day to keep you from work or an important job interview (or anything else, for that matter). To help you avoid getting sick, or to [...]

Masiello Employment’s Commuter Essential: Snowed-In Solutions

When winter weather is really (really!) bad, it is best to stay off the roads, even if that means being late for work or a job interview—both are vital, but your safety is even more important (just be sure to call in so your delay is expected). No matter how cautious you are, it is [...]

Masiello Employment’s Commuter Essential: Winter Car Kit

Black ice and white-outs are just some of the difficulties, and dangers, of driving in winter—but, no matter how tricky it may be, we still have to drive to work (or job interviews) and countless other places. In Keene, NH—and in many parts of the country—this season influences not just how we drive our car [...]

Masiello Employment’s Commuter Essential: Winter Car Prep

Your car is essential to get you places, including important places like work or a job interview! In locations like Keene, NH—where winter means frigid temps, ice, and lots and lots of snow—driving in winter requires a bit of additional preparedness. With that in mind, Masiello Employment put together these six steps to keep your [...]

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