Tips to Develop an Employee Handbook

Whether you are a start-up, or an established business, you should have an employee handbook. Handbooks are a great way to sort out your policies and procedures in writing, and they can be a valuable resource to new and established employees. They can also protect you if your policies ever come into question. How do Learn More

Healthcare Reform and Your Business in 2012

Despite heavy discussion and debate, the health care bill has been signed into law. It’s been more than a year since President Obama signed the bill into law, and although much of the law doesn’t go into effect for another several years (in 2014), there are some aspects that have an immediate impact on your Learn More

Have the Tough Talk

Sometime in every manager’s career, there comes a time when a tough talk with an employee must take place. This can be quite uncomfortable for both parties, as it can involve difficult topics and decisions. However, there are ways of handling employee meetings in a professional and productive manner that will leave them feeling inspired Learn More

Checking out job candidates on social media? 5 things to let slide.

So, you've decided to check out potential new employees on social media sites.  Social media can be a useful part of your recruiting strategy, but it's important to be careful when perusing personal profiles. Not everything online is part of a resume. When reviewing social media profiles for your job candidates, there are a few Learn More

How to stay in compliance with NH Labor Laws

Additional locations have been added to the Labor Law Training Session on how to stay in compliance with NH Labor Laws. How to Register…. New this year, registering for these sessions will be done using the NH Department of Labor’s web site. The link below will get you directly to the training Event page or Learn More

Legal guidelines for hiring with social media

There’s no doubt about it – social media is affecting every aspect of our lives. From sharing pictures and tidbits with family and friends, to networking with potential clients or employees, social media offers an abundance of op