accounting staffing

Whatever industry you’re in, accounting staffing is critical for a company’s financial health. This department controls the ins and outs of how an organization grows and manages its teams, from the hiring process and material orders, right down to payroll.

An amazing 1.3 million people work as accountants in this country, and according to U.S. News World Reports’ annual list of the best business jobs, accounting ranks as number 7. 

At Masiello Employment Services, our numbers illustrate that employment in finance is on the rise and expected to grow 6% through 2028. That makes it one of our hottest specialty staffing areas at the moment! Careers in this field are popular for a number of reasons, including job stability and opportunities for career advancement. 

(An added note is that 60.6% of accountants and auditors are women. Happy Women’s History month!)

What We Look for in Accounting Staffing

accounting picA company’s accounting team not only ensures the well-being of its financial health but also safeguards its future growth and development. That’s why it is so important to hire a professional who not only fits the position, but the company itself.

When we source local talent for accounting staffing, personality, professional, and skill set are all major areas we evaluate. Whether you’re ready to hire an analyst, auditor, or bookkeeper, we can make the right recommendation for your team.

Are You a Good Fit?

Every month of the year at Masiello Employment Services, candidates who come to us for accounting staffing start down the path to success! Whether you’re an entry-level job seeker with high attention to detail or a seasoned finance professional looking for competitive compensation and a rewarding new role, Masiello Staffing Agency offers a variety of positions in this specialty. Roles range from temporary commitments to long-term opportunities. All you need to decide is which position would be right for you!

Success with Accounting Staffing

financeWith the increased need for accounting staffing, we’ve had multiple recent success stories. Our network of highly desirable employers and talented job seekers has allowed us to make some really exciting matches! Here are just a few examples from the last several months:

  • HR Generalist / Payroll Coordinator
  • Collections Associate
  • Accounting and Grants Manager
  • Bookkeeper/Office Administrator
  • Accounts Payable Clerk

At Masiello Employment Services, our team helps businesses thrive and job seekers reach their goals by combining the right team members for success. If you’re ready to find the perfect finance fit, whether hiring or applying, contact us today!