Lottery Fever has swept over us once again, with Powerball hitting a staggering Seven Hundred and Fifty Million Dollar Mark. Hopefully, by the time you read this – you’ve already won! And you can very easily answer the question we’re about to pose:

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

It is always a fun topic of discussion, and with every week passing winners by – the pot continues to grow. And grow. And grow.

So, just for fun, we’d like to know what you would do with your newly acquired fortune?

Some of us would leave our jobs, travel, and invest. Others would keep their careers, and their daily lives may end up looking quite the same. Some may enjoy the limitless freedoms of being a millionaire, and others will stay quiet and humble to preserve their fortune for future generations.

Please give us your most honest thoughts on the subject on our Facebook page.

And in case you missed it – 30 employees at Jordan’s Furniture in Nashua hit the $1MM jackpot. Sure they have to split it 30 ways and won’t be purchasing a private jet anytime soon…but hey – you never know, right?

While we can’t guarantee you millionaire status, we can ensure you find the right job or the right staff for your business. Masiello Employment’s recruiters are here for you (provided we don’t win the office Powerball drawing!)