Want to Be an Office Administrator Know the job description.

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for an office administrator position or a company looking to fill an important open desk, we’ve got the insights to help you make the right move. Finding the perfect match for a position is what Masiello Employment Services does best. And we understand what a vital role Office administrators play in a company’s efficiency and its success. So let’s take a look at what this valuable position entails. 

Office administrator

What is an Office Administrator?

Like the fulcrum in a lever, the Office Administrator pivots and directs the momentum of an office.  A successful admin smoothly combines multiple roles with calm and resilient efficiency.  They perform a busy mix of detail-oriented assistant duties that can make or break the flow of the company. 

Office Administrators are regularly relied on to answer phones and provide clients with information, make and confirm appointments, maintain inventory, oversee the office calendar, sometimes assist with the books and much, much more. Basically, they keep the office machine well-oiled and productive. 

To truly excel in this type of work, a person should thrive in a detailed, fast-paced, multi-tasking role ready to be helpful and thoughtful with both clients and coworkers.

The Right Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the first impression a qualified job applicant sees about a company and job offering. Job seekers, this is your opportunity to peer through the window of possibility. It can be love at first sight, imagining yourself in a new role with an inspiring new company. 

For the company that’s hiring, this is a critical moment of introduction. So, first and foremost, the job description must include a detailed but brief overview of the organization, what it does and why it’s a great place to work. Then, provide accurate information about the position’s responsibilities, qualifications, and objectives. 

As a potential candidate for hire, the job description provides a chance to closely read through each line item. You can identify where your strengths will match the needs of the business. Envision yourself in the role and get a feel for how it will make you feel. You can even begin to consider what possible interview questions to be ready for.

Job Description

Breaking Down the Job Description

Now it’s time to get down to the details. A well-designed job description should outline clear objectives for the role. Think action items and details like maintaining operations, acting as a liaison, providing information, and overseeing management of the office. 

Secondly, you need to include a thorough list of responsibilities, which will not only help you find the right person but also to onboard them successfully. These are generally more specific tasks, like answering phone calls and email, distributing memos, preparing and sending invoices, ordering supplies, updating documents, and scheduling meetings or appointments. 

Required Vs. Preferred Qualifications

These dual sections seem pretty straightforward, but if not done properly, they can throw off qualified job seekers or encourage unqualified applications that waste the time of hiring personnel. 

Maintain the “required” section as must-have items in order to qualify for the position. Preferred qualifications are skills, certifications, or work experience that will help the applicant succeed in the role. For example, a qualified Office Administrator must have well-developed written and verbal communication skills. But experience managing accounts, while handy, could perhaps be taught to the right candidate once employed. 

Office Administration

A Rewarding Position

Lastly comes the benefits section. This is where applicants can compare salaries, health care, 401k and other perks earned for a job well-done. With successful companies, Office Administration positions can provide a stable income and valuable benefits.   

For a professional looking to excel in as an administrative professional, Office Administrator positions are an excellent choice. They provide independence through a job that demands problem-solving and multi-tasking. Because this role requires so many hats to be worn, success leads to developing new skills and growing confidence along the way.

Think this job might be for you? Our professional Staffing Managers can help you identify your strengths, highlight your experience and set you up with local companies ready to get you working. 

Or if you’re a hiring manager looking to add a great new administrative professional to your team, we’re ready to help. We have been connecting qualified job seekers to temp, temp-to-hire and direct hire jobs throughout the region for over 35 years. We would love to put our experience to work for you. Find your next fit today!