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Did you know that 1 in 6 employees are unsatisfied at work and looking for new employmentIn this tight job market, 2022 is the time to retain your top talent. Understanding employee engagement may save you from sifting through your “saved resumes” folder.  

Have you heard the new buzz-word, “knowledge economy”? It’s defined by Oxford Languages as “an economy in which growth is dependent on the quality, quantity, and accessibility of the information available.” In other words, the human workers, or human capital, make a business what it is. For a strong “knowledge economy” within a company, managers must make the most of their human capital investment with high-ROI (return on investment). 

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Now, everyone knows great employee engagement, also known as human capital management, means higher productivity. Because when employees care about their jobs, it improves their performance. For the business, this may mean better customer retention, improved talent acquisition and retention, decreased worker turnover and safer workspaces. But, how does a company facilitate high employee engagement?  

Let’s start with the idea that employee engagement is essentially the emotional commitment an employee has for his or her organization. This connection dictates how much additional effort an employee will make in order for the business and brand to be successful. 

First, employees apply themselves physically with specialized skills to achieve their job. Second, they feel inspired emotionally to do the job to the best of their ability and earn a sense of accomplishment through the challenge and significance of the position. Lastly, employees reach a mindset where work flows efficiently. When all three of these levels are achieved, an emotional connection is created.

Let’s get down to business on ways to understand how these connections fail or succeed.

team building

Simply start with a survey. 

What better way to learn what your staff wants than to ask for their opinions. Not only will they feel esteemed, respected and like they belong, but you may learn actual ways you can improve their day-to-day workspace. 

Transparency generates trust.  

Always, always, always encourage two-way communication. Employees who share their concerns from day one feel valued and listened to. At the same time, stay away from allowing upper management to act secretive. For instance, if a promotion becomes available, be sure to share the qualifications and skills needed to secure the open position clearly. In the end, everyone understanding how the decision was made leads to positive employee engagement. 

Companies are communities. 

Develop a strong, thriving community with casual (and fun!) company events. Facilitate ways for employees to form bonds, feel equal and unbiased, and cement their importance within your company. Read our blog “6 Local Recreational Hot Spots with Appreciation Activities for Employees” for awesome team-building ideas. 

Appreciate Your Staff.

According to Forbes, “66% of employees would likely leave their jobs if they didn’t feel appreciated.” Consider that this number is even higher (76%) with today’s millennials and that back in 2012 it was only 51%. Ensure your staff know how significant their efforts are to the business’ overall success. 

Make it clear how much you value their hard work and dedication by tailoring benefits for individuals. Carefully consider what perks and incentives motivate different people. One employee may value a raise, while another may appreciate more time flexibility.  

Team meeting

Employee engagement starts with personal and professional growth. 

An essential aspect of managing your human capital is developing skills and advancing careers. Not only will your company benefit from more robust training, but top talent will stop job scrolling for open positions. This happens when they know the next step up the ladder is achievable within.

You can take this further by developing “career roadmaps” (another hot management topic) for employees. This gives individuals the opportunity to demonstrate career advancement potential in a reasonable timeline by developing valuable skills. Career counseling or transparent career advancement reassures employees while paving the way for positive employee engagement. 

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