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Employment agencies are in the business of matchmaking, professional matchmaking that is! And working with a reputable one, like Masiello Employment Services, can make the search for your next great employee simple and seamless. 

With loads of great connections and constant attention to the state of the job market, a staffing agency’s expertise is invaluable. The Staffing Managers at Masiello also go the extra mile to maximize the experience and make it personal. We take pride in listening to the needs of employers – and those of qualified job seekers – in order to make ideal matches that last.

If you’re interested in outsourcing hiring headaches to the professionals, it’s handy to keep a couple of key tips in mind to get the job done well. hiring manager

Provide Clear Insight About Available Position

Don’t rush when you’re detailing the job description for your employment agencies. Take the time to clearly explain the required and preferred skills and qualifications. Share thoughts about what type of personality has succeeded in that type of position with your company previously. And be sure to explain your company’s goals and objectives for your new hire.

Understanding Their Services

Get a clear picture of what employment agencies offer for services. For instance, Masiello connects companies with qualified job seekers looking for temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire positions and there are various advantages to hiring different types. 

Temporary staff are ideal for seasonal work, taking over for a temporary vacancy, or even filling in during a big job. Temp-to-hire allows employer and employee to “try each other out” before committing, kind of like job dating. Of course, more people are familiar with direct-hire positions, for which new staff are brought on board planning on staying, growing and thriving. 

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Spend a Little to Save a Lot

A long and maybe even unsuccessful hiring search can surprise you with a budget you can’t support. But by working with employment agencies, you can save time and money. Take away the task of sifting through piles of resumes to connect with a qualified applicant in a timely manner. Instead, a trusted staffing resource can offer up lists of job seekers waiting at their fingertips. 

In addition, a great staffing agency will have taken the time to get to know each applicant, increasing the likelihood of a good match. Get in touch to find out if investing in the support of a staffing agency could be the right move for you. 

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Never Be Vague About Salary and Benefits

Set yourself, your employment agency and your new hire up for success by providing clear figures on salary, hourly rates and benefits. Especially in a tight job market like today’s, don’t miss out on top talent due to underselling your open position. 

Honesty will give your staffing manager the room to find the best qualified candidate available. A professional and experienced staffing agency will work for the best match rather than only sending you candidates at the top tier of your pay range.

Trust Your Employment Agencies to Do Their Job Efficiently

Rather than promote a position months before it’s available, believe that a good, effective Staffing Manager should be able to get you a number of qualified candidates within weeks, if not days. Starting too early will waste your time and theirs, because more often than not, your ideal candidate will be off the market by the time your position is open.

Deftly handling business’ complicated staffing needs and planning smooth staffing solutions is what we love to do. Learn more about our services, contact one of our dedicated Staffing Managers, or visit our Talent Showcase to see currently available top talent within our network. 

We understand how complicated and challenging hiring in a tight job market can be. That’s why we work day in and day out to connect great people with great companies. Make your next hire easy and allow us to do the heavy lifting for you!