During your job search, it’s important to stay open to all the employment opportunities that come your way — specifically, temp work. In the many years Masiello Employment has helped people find jobs, we’ve noticed a certain reluctance to taking temporary work during the search for a permanent position. Don’t be scared!

Here’s the thing: temp work offers a lot of benefits and few real drawbacks. So, if you find yourself faced with a to-temp-or-not-to-temp dilemma, keep in mind these Top 4 Temp-tations:

  1. Confidence: Temp work is legitimate work, which means you have a job to go to, responsibilities to honor, and a paycheck to earn. Those who are unemployed and looking for a job tend to develop feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy over time; by continuing to be part of the workforce, you’ll maintain a sense of self-worth through continued accomplishments, which often translates into confidence in your job search. Plus – you can easily overcome that “gap” that can tarnish your resume from being between jobs for too long.
  1. Income: Rather than spend a stretch of time unemployed – which can easily strain your bank account – and possibly lead you to take a permanent position you don’t want just to pay the bills – temp work provides a good source of income. With money coming in, you won’t feel the immense pressure to “find a job,” which gives you the freedom to take more time and wait for the position that’s just-right for you.
  1. Opportunities: Beyond the job description, consider every temp job as a doorway to additional opportunities. Every single person you meet could be your lead to a perfect-for-you job in the department where you’re temping, in another department, or even with another company… your manager could become a potential reference on your resume… or your temp position could grow into a permanent job.
  1. Experience: Since temp work is, by definition, temporary, you may get the chance to try out several different positions with several different companies. This is invaluable experience if you’re thinking of changing careers or want to expand your horizons; it’s also important if you know exactly the job you want – all the extra experience can help better identify your preference for work environment, co-worker interactions, benefits, management style, etc.

We at Masiello Employment are here to help you find your just-right job. Temp-ted? Of course you are! So, give us a call today; our recruiting team is available for a free consultation.