10 habits of successful people

Everyone wants to be successful, right? Whether at that next job interview, landing a promotion, or even conquering those overwhelming household chores. No matter the task, the end goal stays the same. So what about those people who can seemingly do anything? What’s the secret? 

It’s all about habits and forming healthy ones over time! From putting the coffee pot together before bed, to planning your week out in advance and sticking to your checklist. Every successful person relies on their habits. 

At Masiello Employment Services, we take pride in the successful people on our team. So this week, we’re dishing out the top 10 habits of successful people to help you find your next fit, get to full-time or get promoted!

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Surround Yourself With Inspiring People

There’s a sort of magic in social interaction, one that can bring out the best, or worst, in us. This is because humans are social animals, and as such, we tend to pick up the habits of those that surround us. By filling your life with people who inspire you, you’ll set a course to be better than you were the day before.

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Commit To Your Success

What is one thing that separates a master from a student? Commitment. Many successful people have failed in the goals they strive for, but they kept going. That commitment to their goals is what allowed for their success. 

So maybe you wash that dish instead of leaving it in the sink for three days and then forget the next. Or maybe you update your resume and feel excited but then hesitate in your job search. Each day is an opportunity for an exciting new step. 

Want to take advantage of personal support while looking for that job? Masiello is right here, ready to help! 

Routine, Routine, Routine

Creating everyday routines is definitely one of the top 10 habits of successful people. You might see it as boring and monotonous, but this strategy can also help you stay focused. Routines keep us grounded and moving through our day fluidly. When there is a set flow, it also conserves time and mental energy because habit takes over. And that gives you space to take on more exciting projects that you’re passionate about. 

No Alarm Needed

This is a tough habit. Snoozing your alarm can become addictive and lead to continuous hits of that button. But building yourself to wake up without an alarm can be beneficial to your mental and physical health, which leads to our next habit…

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Get Up, Get Moving

Exercise is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Practiced in tandem with waking up, movement can help you build a routine without even trying. Check out this article from Forbes that details how exercise can help set you up for success.

Your Body Is A Temple

The best way to become successful is to take care of yourself. This can be focusing on nutrition, your sleep schedule, starting an exercise routine, or even setting healthy boundaries with those around you. Any chance to improve your health is a chance to set yourself up for success.



There are always going to be a hundred things that need to get done, but what is the most important? Triaging the most important tasks is among the top 10 habits of successful people. By prioritizing things like your mental health, your routine, what chores to do, etc. you can remove the harder or more prominent tasks. One way of doing this is to…

Make a Checklist

Much like a routine, a checklist allows you to get your house in order and is a huge help in identifying the highest priority items. This also gives you a moment to sit down and take stock of the tasks at hand and how best to fit them into your routine. If you’re having trouble creating a checklist of the biggest things, then you can always…

Start with the Small Stuff

Let’s face it, even successful people can be overwhelmed with well-thought-out routines and checklists. When this happens, step back and cross something small off the list. This will allow you to feel like you’ve accomplished something and help you combat burnout. A taste of success tends to lead to more and that builds the momentum you’re craving.

Be Honest – With Yourself & Those Around You

Honesty is the best policy. Whether you’re becoming overwhelmed or you know something isn’t going to be finished, be upfront about it. You will build trust with not only yourself but those who are relying on you. As a key element of productive teams, trust is essential to build strong, healthy work relationships that lead to success! 

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