ThredUp reports that nearly 6% of items in the average closet were second-hand clothes in 2018, and that number is projected to expand to 13% by 2033. This ever-increasing interest in resale has even coined the term “recommerce.” And for good reason.

We at Masiello Employment are known to find a great deal at consignment shops from time to time (we’re looking at you, Julie). In fact, we think a consignment shop is a great place to bolster your professional wardrobe without spending a fortune, which is especially fitting when you’re looking for just-right attire to ace the interview circuit.

A favorite thrift shop in our hometown of Keene, New Hampshire is Urban Exchange (9 Main Street)—selling brand-name and designer clothes, it’s tailor-made for interviews and dressed-up workdays. For access to both clothes and home furnishings, we like More Than a Thrift Store (19 Ralston Street). You won’t find interview outfits here, but we recommend Little Boutique Children’s Resale (18 West Street) when shopping for kids; and Penelope’s Consignment Home Furnishings (149 Emerald Street, in Colony Mill Marketplace) and Turning Leaf Consignment (216 Marlboro Street) are just-right when shopping for a home or office.

Other favorite places to find some second-hand treasures include our old standby, the Salvation Army Store in Swanzey – which, we may add, is an excellent resource for people looking for interview attire. We also recommend the nonprofit resource Linda’s Closet, whose mission is helping women find the clothing they need to live, interview, and work. Finally, as we have highlighted in prior blogs, the Keene Senior Center also runs a terrific thrift store called the Bargain Box, which has limited hours but is always a fun place to shop.

Successful thrifting trips can refresh your professional wardrobe, leaving you extra-ready to land a new job. Give Masiello Employment a call today; our recruiting team is available for a free consultation.