We recently came across this teaser of a headline: “New Hampshire is the Best State to Live in the United States.” And while we like to believe this to be true, it’s impossible to know where the “best” place to live is.  But since Masiello Employment Services’ home base in New Hampshire, and we love where we live – we tend to agree with the sentiment . . . but that didn’t keep us from raising a collective eyebrow when we saw the ranking was provided by a site called HomeSnacks.net.

However, we like the idea. We are the best State! Or at least we like to think so…closely followed by our neighbors in Vermont and Massachusetts, of course.

We dug deeper, though, out of pure curiosity, and were pleased with the insight we found. A closer look at the ‘Best Places To Live’ page shows us that while the page should be considered “infotainment,” the company behind the headline has spent more than five years professionally ranking states, counties, cities, and neighborhoods across the country. And they don’t rank based on pure fluff. They make their assessments by analyzing recent data from the FBI, the US Census, OpenStreetMaps, and many other sources. Seems legit to us.

Of course, this is far from the first time New Hampshire has been at or near the top of a best-of state ranking. Within the last year, U.S. News & World Reports placed New Hampshire as the second-best state in the country, and New Hampshire was named the “Top State for Quality of Life” by CNBC.

With so many best-of-the-states lists out there, we’d like to offer this best guess on our own best-of ranking: Keene, NH is the Best City to Work In. We’re basing this (totally and completely biased) ranking on our in-depth experience as a staffing agency based in this great city and our own opinions on the matter. Nothing more, nothing less. We know the high quality of the companies and individuals we work with, and we know the high quality of the job-seekers who enlist our help in finding a new position. We trust this seems legit to you, too.

Thus, we are making our own declaration (all in good fun) that Keene, NH is the best! We invite you to prove us wrong!

The folks at Masiello Employment are keen on Keene, New Hampshire and all of the surrounding towns and States! If you’re looking to work in or near our near-perfect little slice of the country, please give us a call today; our recruiting team is available for a free consultation.