Congratulations! You’ve reached the final stage of the interview process and are headed to an onsite interview with your dream employer. Are you ready? Many folks interview so infrequently, it is far from second nature to know exactly what to do come interview time. We’re here to make your life easy by providing this brief pre-interview checklist to help you on your way.

Never wait until the last minute to do anything. While this should go without saying, be prepared. Period.

Know the role you are interviewing for: note the position title, job description, the hiring manager (if supplied), and the specific duties that may be required of you.

Know how your skills match each of the job requirements and be prepared to talk about each. If you do not have that skill, be sure to have a way to explain how a prior experience will help you gain access to this new skill once on the job.

Be prepared to fill out forms. And yes, we know much of the information will be on your resume but fill these forms out with accuracy and a smile, they are required and essential to the HR hiring due diligence, so writing ‘see resume’ is not the right answer, ever.

Map out directions to the exact location of the interview – including parking – and plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early without exception. Being late or a no-show for any reason is not an option.

Research your interviewers briefly on LinkedIn or the company website to know something about their experience and try to relate to them on a person to person level.

Bring copies of your resume and references printed neatly and tucked into a folder just in case. You can also carry a notebook or a legal pad to take notes and easily slip resumes inside. Above all, be sure to look organized.

Research the company you are interviewing with – know their history, their values, and the future direction the company may be looking to and understand how you fit into their mission.

Have questions ready – ask smart, intelligent, probing questions of the interviewer to ensure you demonstrate a solid understanding and commitment to the role. By asking such questions, you are expressing a genuine interest in the company.

Ask your recruiter about the appropriate interview attire and have your outfit pressed, ready and waiting the night before.  Dress for success.

And finally, if necessary, practice your handshake and pay close attention to your demeanor during the critical first impression phase. Practice your introductory behavior in a mirror or with another person. Be sure to shake hands firmly with everyone when you introduce yourself, look them in the eye, and shake with a firm grip. Be confident in your body language, smile, and try to feel comfortable in your own skin. Even if you are nervous, think of this as meeting an old friend – be happy to be there and be sure to feel excited about what comes next.

So that’s it, you’ve got this! We trust that if you make it a point to follow our guide, you’ll ace your interview(s) and have a job offer on the table in no time. Be sure to check in with your recruiters before, and after the interview, and follow up by sharing a thank you note that your recruiter can send on your behalf. Remember, your recruiters want you to get the job just as much as you do – so be sure to lean on their expertise should any questions or concerns arise. Good Luck!