Staffing agencies near me

National Staffing Employee Week is an annual celebration of the many people employed by staffing agencies. Seeing as we’ve been helping job candidates find great matches for the last 40 years, we definitely want in on the celebration!

Every day, job seekers from all over our region search “staffing agencies near me” to help them find employment. Not only do staffing agencies help professionals find and retain meaningful work, but they also help employers source the top talent in their area. And this keeps the local economy running strong! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

At Masiello, we’ve helped thousands of people from Southern New Hampshire & Vermont and Western Mass find jobs. So this week, we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the local staffing agency near you. 

We’ll tell you how we help job-seekers and employers alike, hear success stories, and let our very own Staffing Managers tell you exactly why they love helping their community so much. 

What Does a Staffing Agency Do? 

Staffing agency There is no shortage of jobs out there, and navigating the sea of listings can be intimidating (even for seasoned job hunters). But a trusted staffing agency can help you navigate by finding the best fit for your personality, experience, knowledge, and skill set. First, we go through an initial interview process with you. Then we reach out to our extensive network of companies, drawing on exclusive listings that may not even be posted anywhere else. 

And it isn’t just prospective employees that local staffing agencies help. We also eliminate the stress of hiring for local companies by taking the heavy lifting off their plates and only sending fully vetted candidates their way. Then they’re guaranteed a serious candidate before they even begin the interview. It saves them time wading through endless resumes and allows them to put a face to a name in a matter of days. 

Success Stories

Job interviewWe don’t mean to toot our own horn (okay, maybe we do just a little bit), but you don’t remain an integral part of the local business community for as long as we have without a serious  number of success stories. Take Beth P., for example. Just four months ago she signed on with us hoping to find a permanent position. 

She didn’t have to slog through hundreds of job posts. Instead, we were able to find her a position she would not have even known existed. She was selected for a temp-to-hire position with a highly desirable company and is expected to become a permanent addition very soon. Beth said about her experience with Masiello, “It has been great! They are very supportive and responsive whenever I have questions or concerns about anything.” 

Haley H. and her husband had a similar experience working with our team. They said, “They have been on top of each job interview and upfront about every step in the process. Within two weeks of working with them, we both have new jobs that we are very much looking forward to.” 

Those are just two examples of the thousands of people we’ve helped find new jobs and new lives! Imagine what your new job and new life could look like. 

Inside Masiello

Hiring magnetWhat would your local staffing agency be without the talented people who run it? We have an amazing crew here at Masiello Employment Services. They really are the heart of our workforce, and they’re all passionate about helping the local community. 

For our Regional Director, Julie Pearson, the thrill of the fast, ever-changing pace of the staffing industry is just one of the things she loves about working at Masiello. More than that, however, are the success stories. “I particularly enjoy all that goes into making successful matches between my candidates and our clients.” 

Then there’s Senior Staffing Manager, Joelle Phippard, who enjoys giving back. She recently led mock interviews for the NH Ready Works Program to help prospective employees prepare for job interviews. Her favorite thing about Masiello is the team she has surrounding her and the results they get. “I love making the right placement that impacts someone’s life in a positive way.” 

We strive to make our own work environment as enjoyable as possible so our candidates feel confident and comfortable. So if you are on the fence about whether or not to use a staffing agency to find your next job, let us show you what it’s all about. You’ll never opt for a traditional job search again. Give us a call at 603 358 1000 to get started!