Whether you are seeking administrative or industrial opportunities, a resume is an absolute must – it gets your foot in the door for interviews! Many employers won’t even consider meeting you if you don’t have one.

If you are an industrial worker who has never written a resume before, the resume-writing process can seem particularly stressful. Don’t panic.

Follow these simple do’s and don’ts to create an effective light industrial resume:


  • Use MS Word to create your resume. Resumes written in MS Word are “searchable” in databases that index keywords. Other formats cannot be indexed. Helpful tip – there are many, many free online resources to create a resume. A couple to consider: MyPerfectResume.com (free, but you’ll create an account) or check out ResumeHelp.com (also free, and again, you’ll create an account to use the tool).
  • Use a font that’s easy to read. In doubt? Use a classic font like Times New Roman and use a size that’s neither too large nor too small: 11 or 12.
  • Include keywords. These are target words related to the industry, responsibilities or requirements. Be sure to mention tools and machines you have experience using and skills and tasks you’ve performed before. Example keywords: order picking, assembly, forklift driver, hand saws….
  • Include current and CORRECT contact information. Hiring managers need a way to contact you: email, cell phone, home phone. Double check for typos or you’ll never get contacted!
  • Include dates of employment. Employers want to see start and end dates. (Good longevity is a huge plus!)
  • Certifications or Licenses. If you have earned certifications and/or licenses in manufacturing, be sure to note them in your work history.


  • Falsify any information in your resume. Be honest. Your information WILL be verified.
  • Be too wordy. Employers don’t read your resume. They look for keywords and swiftly assess your skills and possible value to their company. Use bullet points. Aim for a one-page resume!
  • Forget to PROOFREAD! Take a moment to look over your finished resume, or ask someone to look it over for you. Obvious mistakes leave a negative impression – you didn’t care enough. (If you DO see a mistake on your resume, reprint! Don’t make edits by hand.)
  • Fold your resume. A folded or crumpled resume displays a lack of seriousness about the job. Use a folder.
  • Elaborate on Hobbies. No need to list your recreational hobbies and interests.

No one enjoys writing resumes. And while crafting one is a time investment, remember that it is also an investment in your future!

When you partner with our team at Masiello Employment, DON’T be afraid to reach out to us for help. We will review and assist you in making your resume ready for submission and success. We’re here to help!