Masiello Blog Pic 8-23-16In case you have not heard –  it is official. Technology, like it or not, is here to stay. You may recall someone years ago saying something like ‘the internet is a fad’ or ‘business will never bring hiring online.’ Boy, were they wrong!

If you are still reading the classifieds in the newspaper and sending paper resumes via snail mail – we wish you the best of luck! While there is still something to be said for good old-fashioned paper-based communications, it simply is a less efficient means of connecting employers with employees. A handwritten letter can still work wonders in situations where a very personal message is required, but for the most part, everything is virtual.

Digital technology has become so invasive in the job search process, it is simply expected that every applicant is computer savvy and has access to email, phone, and the web. With sites like,, and, companies now promote open jobs to digital job boards before anywhere else, often before recruiters even know of the job details.

In fact, technology has advanced at such incredible speeds; you can now apply to jobs directly by speaking – if you happen to own an Amazon Echo. No, we are not kidding. Read this Mashable article on how ZipRecruiter jobs are Alexa-enabled. The technology advancements in hiring are indeed staggering.

Simply say “Alexa, find me a job.” The ZipRecruiter app will seamlessly prompt Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa (Similar to Apple’s Siri) to uncover available jobs, supply details about each, and then allow users with active ZipRecruiter resumes to apply for them. All from the comfort of your couch or dining room.

However, even with all these technological advances, maintaining open channels of communication between potential employees and hiring managers remains a challenge.

Here’s our sweet spot: as intermediaries between candidates and hiring managers, we can be your sounding board and filter information. It is our job to relay both good and bad information back and forth through the pipeline. Much like a realtor we work to find common ground that will satisfy both parties.  It is, quite literally, what we do – and technology has (yet) to replace the person in this critical period. Assessing “Fit” is still a very human experience that our clients rely on us to deliver.

So embrace technology wherever you can, have a terrific Linkedin, a knock-your-socks-off electronic resume, and be sure to stay focused on your email communications in your job search. However, there comes a time you will need real people to talk to – for negotiations, interviewing tips, benefits information, or even to serve as your personal promoter. So remember – that is us – your friendly recruiting team at Masiello. We love our technologies, but we are still focused on people, first.