Resume power words


Hiring Managers excel at scanning MANY resumes, looking for talent tailored to the position in question. So how do you make sure your resume catches their attention and lands at the top of the pile? The Staffing Managers at Masiello Employment Services are industry experts at perfecting resumes. Read our recent blog about basic resume do’s (and don’ts). In it, you’ll find a key power play and industry buzzword: Power Words.

Also called action words, they turn a typical resume into a captivating story that showcases your talent and attracts your dream job. These action-packed verbs highlight your skills in exceptional ways and demonstrate achievements clearly, concisely, and uniquely. 

For example, power words that illustrate your value and accomplishments include: “modified, streamlined, refocused, simplified, standardized, updated and upgraded.” Think: “Standardized training protocols or enhanced company safety protocols.”

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Pro-Tip: Power words are most effective when you do your research. Read the job description you are applying for carefully to incorporate the power words automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will be searching for. (Studies have proven that over 98% of Fortune 500 Companies utilize ATSs to streamline headhunting.) 

Customer Support

For starters, companies highly value candidates who demonstrate an ability to collect and retain customers. For instance, if you are writing a resume for a customer support position, a few power words might include “advised, educated, guided, infomed and resolved.” Such as, “Educated clients about benefits of routine dental care, increasing customer booking by 10%.” Or, “Advised customers in selecting optimal personal finance products, generating a 20% average improvement in client wealth.”

power wordsAchievements

Strengthen your resume with real-life, mathematical achievements. The golden formula for achievements is responsibilities plus the numbers behind them to demonstrate your value and benefit to your future employer. Power words for achievements include “attained, awarded, completed, exceeded, and succeeded.”


However, if you are drafting a resume to highlight your managerial or leadership experience, power words such as coordinated, executed, recruited, hired, organized, and trained cut straight to the point. Consider how effective this sounds: “Executed company hiring strategy and improved talent retention by 200%.” 


Another vital skill to highlight in your resume and cover letter is communication. Having ideas is one thing, but you need to be proficient at sharing them in order to get anywhere. Power words like, “authored, corresponded, documented, edited, and negotiated” clearly show you have solid communication skills. Try something like this: “Negotiated with retail energy providers to lower commercial power costs by 30% over 5 years.”


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Super action power words like “accelerated, expanded, boosted, generated, improved, analyzed, identified, evaluated, acquired and attracted” tell your future employer you are a motivated, independent worker ready to exceed goals. 

Pro-Tip: Use power words effectively by being careful not to over-use them. Professionalism is the name of the game when strategically crafting your resume and cover letter. 

As you design a resume that presents your best, consider consulting industry professionals. And always have someone experienced act as editor before you hit send. The Staffing Managers at Masiello are happy to provide guidance and walk you through finding your next best career move. Work with our dedicated professionals today!