Everyone can use a little extra cash. And as summertime rolls around, seasonal work gets hot! With the good New England weather comes lots of local tourism here in New Hampshire, and with it comes short-term jobs. So, if you need a little boost in your pocketbook, why not consider a summertime temp or seasonal job?

Seasonal jobs are terrific for many individuals. The work is often fun, outdoors, and usually very active – not many people complain of boredom in a summer position! Part-time, seasonal roles are an excellent way to make new connections that can come in handy down the road as a full-time job search begins. And not all jobs involve working outside – many back-office positions also open up in response to demands of the busy summer season.

To aid you in a summer job search (or any job search, anytime), Masiello Employment consistently posts new roles on our 24/7 job board that lists all our open positions, including temp and seasonal roles. For anyone interested in such a position, you are welcome to scan through our available jobs: https://jobs.masemp.com/

Stay tuned! We hope to be adding more seasonal roles as we move into the heat of Summer.  In the meantime, be sure to check in with our recruiters, get a resume handy and be prepared for some extra income, new opportunities, personal connections, and who knows – you may even pick up some marketable new skills at a fun, short term gig this summer.