When Rob Machado and his wife Jennifer decided to pull up stakes in California and move across the country, they chose to make Massachusetts their home. While preparing for the move, Jennifer applied for and received a teaching position at a school in north central Massachusetts, requiring her to make the move ahead of Rob and search for a home on the east coast while Rob finalized their business on the west coast. Once he joined Jennifer in Massachusetts, Rob set out to find a job of his own. With his extensive skills and experience, it didn’t take long before he had several offers on the table. The toughest decision wasn’t which offer to accept—instead, it was whether or not to push aside his negative opinion of staffing companies and take the most desirable position, which was offered by Masiello Employment Services. He reluctantly decided to give it a whirl and not only landed a great job, but his outlook on staffing agencies changed entirely because of the positive experience he had with Masiello.

Earlier in his career, Rob worked with a staffing agency in California and was extremely disenchanted with the experience. He was frequently moved from one job to the next with no regard as to whether or not they were a good fit for him. Although he voiced his concerns, the agency did nothing to improve the situation. He says, “I never felt valued. In fact, I felt like a cog in their moneymaking machine, and it didn’t really matter what I was doing as long as I showed up for work and got them paid.”

Fast forward to 2016 when he moved to Massachusetts and started his job search, Rob was most attracted to the position listed with Masiello, yet because of his past experience, he debated not even applying. When he decided to go for it, he was contacted by Katrina Baumgartner, who was the driving force behind his change in opinion on staffing agencies. “Every interaction with Katrina was positive in every way, he says. “She is always informed and professional, interested in any questions or concerns that I may have had and always with such a positive, pleasant demeanor. She put a very personal, professional, uplifting, and sincere touch on our every interaction.”

Rob, who was NASA-trained as an aircraft sheet metal fabricator and has 30 years of fabrication experience, started his supplemental position through Masiello a few weeks later. He has since been hired on as a direct employee and greatly appreciates that his company respects and values its employees. His only regret is that he will have less interaction with Katrina and Masiello now that he works directly for the company, commenting that, “Katrina is a rock star, and Masiello Employment Services is vastly better than any temporary agency with which I have previously worked.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Rob, and congratulations on your new position!