Some retirees are content whiling their golden years away on the golf course, traveling, or catching up with friends and family. Others can only maintain that lifestyle for so long, before the lure of learning new skills, meeting new people, and feeling purposeful in a work environment takes over. Al Roberts is just this sort. He retired from a full-time job after 24 1/2 years, only to return to the workforce shortly thereafter when he realized he was “born to work”. He and Masiello Employment have since built a successful relationship, where Al is always willing to raise his hand for any job that pays money and falls within his physical abilities, and Masiello seemingly never runs short of temporary jobs to fuel his need to keep busy.

When Al decided in 2010 that it was time to retire from his full-time position as a maintenance technician, he returned to work for the same company for several years in a temporary capacity before deciding to branch out into other temporary positions. During this time, he not only tried out a few different jobs like woodworking and cleaning, he also tried out a few different agencies before finding Masiello. When referring to working with other staffing agencies, Al says, “They don’t get me like Masiello. I’ve worked with Joelle (Phippard) and she’s been very patient with me.”

Sure, the learning curve can be steep when you start a new position every couple of months, but this jack-of-all-trades understands the key is to figure out the common denominator. He says, “When I work on machinery, I like to know how the whole thing works, not that you put something in one end and it comes out the other. Once you understand the common denominator—when you can learn the process and understand it—you can build on it.”

Al has uncovered a few more secrets to his success in these temporary roles. The first is that he treats every job as though it’s his own business and each person who asks something from him is his customer, whether that’s an actual customer, a fellow co-worker or a manager. The second is that he always puts safety first, then quality, followed by quantity. Finally, he finds it best if he only works short-term assignments. Al says, “I like to do the short runs because people don’t get tired of me and I don’t get tired of them. No matter what, though, if you tell me what you want, I’m pre-programmed to do just that, and I try to be polite and respectful along the way.”

So far, Al has successfully worked for Masiello 12 times and was even awarded Masiello’s Employee of the Month in May 2015. Joelle comments, “Al is upbeat, friendly, and dependable, making him a pleasure to work with. Our client
s love working with him, as well; he is always eager to work and willing to help us out in a pinch.”

Congratulations, Al, on finding the right balance between work and retirement!

If you’re retired and thinking about rejoining the workforce, contact us! We might have just the right temporary position you’re looking for!