supply-demand-picNew Hampshire is in a bit of a predicament – we have a large number of employers with an even larger number of open jobs, and what appears to be an overall lack of employees to fill them. Unemployment rates are extremely low (2.9%) and most workers who want to work are able to find jobs. So say the statistics at least.

Take this article in the New Hampshire Union Leader, for example. At a recent job fair in Rochester, 1,307 jobs we available for the taking, but only 84 people showed up to the event. The low attendance, coupled with more workers and low unemployment rates, implies that more people are finding work, resulting in less available talent in the market.

Take this quote from a fellow recruiter in this article:

“…everyone is scrambling to find people, I think the economy’s definitely turned around.”

And in regards to employers, it is:

 “getting tougher and tougher because people want to be making more money.”

So what does this mean to you?

It is a job seekers market. Your qualifications are in high demand, and now is the ideal time to leverage your skills and experience to begin looking at better opportunities.

Under a microscope, all these open jobs may not be right for you, we get that, many are lower wage, lower skill jobs, and often are location based in more urban areas. We know many people with a rich skill set are having trouble finding good jobs.

The point here is just to keep yourself fully engaged with the current conditions of the hiring market and let our recruiters keep an eye out for jobs that *might* be a step up, in responsibility, salary, or opportunity – while the market is hot and the odds in your favor. Most of us can think back to the great recession we just experienced when job opportunities were incredibly tight; it was not pretty, but as we are coming out of it, things are changing for the better.

Our best advice? Take time to connect and stay connected with your local network of recruiters who can keep their ears to the ground for opportunities for you. We do the research and present the jobs that are a fit for your needs. Are you currently working? No worries, just shoot us a resume via email, and let us know you are “passively” looking for select opportunities – and when the time is right we can get together and meet face to face.

Take advantage of our services and reach out to one of Masiello Employment’s recruiters – today. With nearly three decades of experience, we stay entrenched in the local job market. We know who is hiring, when, and can help connect you to the right opportunities.