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If you’re looking for employment in NH, highlighting your soft skill successes on your resume is a great way to show how you can shine in your next position. And you may be able to reach for positions you may otherwise not have considered.

We’re over halfway through 2022 and it’s clear that this year, we’ve seen a record high when it comes to the tight labor market as detailed in the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) report. One unique effect of this employment environment is how employers are opening previously closed doors.  

In order to reach an increased field of applicants, employers are lowering experience requirements and prioritizing job seekers who can demonstrate a high ability to learn on the job, work independently, and willingness to take on new ventures. In fact, in a recent survey from NACE, 86% of employers said they are looking for soft skills, like problem-solving, on resumes.

At Masiello Employment Services, our dedicated Staffing Managers want to do all we can to help you land that dream job. 

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How to Stand Out

First and foremost, read up on what soft skills your potential employer is looking for. Make a list of your skills and match relevant ones to your desired position. Consider recent work experience, projects, challenges you’ve worked through, significant accomplishments or even volunteer work. Then, take your time writing your soft skills into the summary paragraph and achievements sections of your resume. In the professional experience section, explain how you will be using these skills for the position you are applying for.

The number one and two soft skills to share with your next employer are great communication and management. These essential abilities are crucial for any and all positions and they go hand in hand. Desired management skills, like conflict management, mentoring, and the ability to connect with fellow employees all require strong (and timely!) communication skills. 

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What Else Should I Include?

Next up comes consistent positive customer relations. For example, you can share how you work with a smile under pressure or actively listen to customers’ concerns. Future bosses want to know that you can be professional, efficient and friendly with those you serve or work with.

If you have training or development skills, employers love to see what assets you bring to the table on day one. Perhaps you have experience in leading team-building activities, conflict management resolution, or time spent as a community leader taking initiative. Present areas in your life that show self-motivation, ability to learn, and interest in the world around you.

Highlight Productivity

Decision-making skills, such as adaptability, problem-solving and integrating feedback help make a qualified job seeker desirable. Highlight an example from your life or employment history where you sought out valuable insights to benefit yourself and your company. 

Every employer wants to hire someone with solid work habit skills. Being able to multitask, pivot priorities gracefully, and perform under pressure are key to an efficient and productive employee. Plus, employers want to know you’ll be able to show up and put systems in place to do your job well consistently. 

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Make it a Team Effort

Collaboration and teamwork are excellent abilities to share with your future employer. Being able to share ideas, innovate together and work as a team are great qualities. Companies don’t run on single individuals. New ideas are often the result of round-table discussions, taking one idea and building on it. Understanding how positive teamwork benefits marks a team player ready to get the job done.

Finally, organizational skills are always important to demonstrate. Presenting yourself as a job seeker with strong time-management skills and ability to prioritize tasks sets you apart in the field of applicants seeking employment in NH. 

Whatever your skills, we’d love to help you find your next great career move. At Masiello Employment Services, we specialize in matching your skills and career goals with open positions with great companies. Don’t just keep scrolling for employment in NH—connect with our experienced Staffing Managers and stop the stressful job search today!