Yes, it is that time of year again – the time when Keene rolls out the red carpets and the Hollywood superstars come out to play! The Monadnock International Film Fest Comes to town along with all the glitz and glam you would expect from Hollywood.

Ok, we are exaggerating slightly, it is not quite as shiny as Sundance or Telluride, but it is an excellent chance to see a host of independent, international films and rub elbows with the creators right in our backyard. It is called MONIFF, or the Monadnock International Film Festival, and is now in its 5th year here in the Keene and Peterborough.

“The Monadnock International Film Festival is a four-day event held every April that showcases high quality independent cinema from filmmakers here at home and around the world. MONIFF offers feature length narrative and documentary films as well as shorts, and gives audiences the opportunity to interface with filmmakers and industry experts through post screening Q&A’s and lively panel discussions.”

 It is a fun, weekend-long event held at various landmarks in the area that focuses on internationally acclaimed films in small theatre screenings, films outside of the mainstream applauded for their independent nature and historical value. Indie films. Shorts. Documentaries. And in addition to the films, there’s lively sense of community at the various after-parties and get-togethers.

Here’s a map of the various event locations with more information available on MONIFFs website.

However, don’t just take our word for it. NH Magazine has named MONIFF “the state’s finest up-and-coming film festival in years past, and boy do they deliver. This year, you can catch them on their continued upward rise.”

See more accolades here.

Thanks to cultural events like MONIFF, our local community continues to thrive, making it an excellent place for Masiello Employment’s clients and candidates to live and work. Sure we are small, but we have a lot to offer in the way of arts and culture and draw enough talented individuals with passionate interests who can put together events like these. And even better, our local, small-town vibe connects us to where we work, live, and play!

Interested? Here is the full schedule of events. Grab a weekend all-access pass, or you can attend film events a la carte. In the meantime, you can also learn about speaker panels, upcoming pre-show events, and keep up on the pulse of the activities via MONIFFs Facebook page.

For anyone who might be thinking of relocating to the area for work or looking to start a business, start by spending a weekend with us watching some great artisan films and find out if our little community is right for you!