Have we retired single page resume

You may be able to guess one of the most commonly asked questions of Masiello Employment recruiters: “How many pages should my resume be?” It is a question we receive quite often as staffing evolves.

Conventional wisdom taught us never to extend our profile over a single page, as hiring managers were too busy to devote their time to more than one page per applicant. While there is a strong element of truth to keeping a resume short and sweet, the one-page “rule” is a thing of the past. Resume length is no longer as important as it was in a time they were precisely printed and sent via postal mail. With the introduction of online job applications, applicant tracking systems, and resume materials consumed in multiple formats (paper, electronic, pdf) there is no longer a universal standard of success regarding the length of your resume.

In short, a resume should now be as long as it needs to be to deliver your message. It is perfectly acceptable to ‘flesh out’ your job duties on paper if you can paint a clearer picture of your qualifications while continuously adding value.  One page resumes are recommended for early career applicants with limited experiences – never adding filler. However, with a few years of professional experience, a resume can safely extend to a second page, and even a third if you have senior level skills and career experiences. Always be sure to keep all content on point with the job requirements and the quality of information high. Always.

Your resume should also be rich with job-relevant industry buzzwords as many automated recruiting systems scan for keywords as a means to target high-quality applicants. Even though job titles may imply certain responsibilities, a clear description of duties may be necessary, particularly when addressing technical skills.

While you are working on refining your content, also be sure to remove any older, outdated experiences or skills that are no longer pertinent to your current career path.  Accomplishments should remain, but mentioning your mastery of the Palm Pilot is probably not the best strategy to landing a job in 2016. Most of us simply tack on a new job at the top of our CV without paying much attention to past experiences on our resume.  Take the time to look back and retool any outdated or irrelevant content.

So we wish you the best of luck in crafting the perfect resume, regardless of length. Should you need assistance, the door is always open for you to speak with Masiello Employment’s experienced recruiting team who can assist you in refining your resume and landing your next job. Feel free to contact us today!