Posted many jobs lately? You may have found that the quality of some candidates is…well…lacking. And unqualified candidates aren’t just annoying. They can cost you time and money. Sifting through hundreds of resumes isn’t much fun, and when a majority of them are unqualified, that is a waste of your time.

Weed out unqualified candidates!

Take these six steps to successfully weed out unqualified candidates, so you can focus on recruiting the talented, experienced professionals you need:

  1. Clearly define the job requirements. Defining the skills and experience needed for the job – clearly – is essential to weeding out unqualified candidates. Use strong language to ensure that applicants understand they will not be considered without meeting the defined requirements.
  2. Impose a strict application process. Use an online application that does not allow walk-in candidates, or unsolicited resumes. You can also prevent undesired applications by using the services of a staffing or recruiting firm. With their own employee portal, they can weed out undesirable candidates and present you with only the most qualified professionals for the job.
  3. Conduct thorough assessments. A range of technology is available to test potential candidates on a range of specific skills. These assessments can be sent to candidates as Internet links, so their interview is contingent upon candidates achieving a desirable score. This can save you considerable time and cost in the long  term.
  4. Perform background checks. Before making any job offers, conduct a thorough background check.  Use a reputable background checking company or online service to inspect a candidate’s background, including any criminal history, workers’ compensation claims and employment history.
  5. Gather references (and check them!). Reference checks can provide additional insights and information beyond a candidate’s resume. Ask each candidate to submit at least three professional references (Grandma doesn’t count!), and be sure to speak with all of them.
  6. Conduct multiple interviews. Sometimes a candidate can “woo” one particular member of a recruiting team, but when interviewed by multiple team members, a more well-rounded picture emerges. Try including a direct manager or co-worker in the interview process. These people will be working with the new employee side-by-side, and can identify critical personality traits or other identifiers that are integral to success in the position.

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