ChoicesThe advantages to partnering with a recruiting firm for your staffing needs are vast:

  • You get the help you need to maintain productivity during busy times
  • It’s more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees (with benefits)
  • You save valuable time not having to screen and interview candidates that are unqualified for the job
  • Most agencies handle all the “fun stuff”: screening, interviewing, testing, communicating pay rate, distributing paychecks, computing wages and withholdings, maintaining personnel and payroll records, maintaining liability and workers’ compensation coverage, and any employee benefits

It’s no surprise more and more companies are hiring temporary workers for help with their fluctuating workloads. But what’s the better hiring option for your business needs – temporary or temp-to-hire?

Let’s look at some situations in which you might want to consider bringing on temporary or contract-to-hire employees:

Temporary Support

  • For important one-shot, deadline-driven projects that are limited in scope
  • To help you maintain productivity while you conduct a search for your “ideal” candidate
  • To fill in during employee absences, vacations, departure, maternity or disability leave
  • For support during seasonal or peak periods in your business
  • If you find yourself suddenly understaffed

Temp-to Hire

  • For jobs that are expected to last six months or more
  • If you are looking to add someone long term and full time to your team, but want to evaluate a potential employee’s on-the-job performance before fully committing to hiring them (aka a working interview)
  • If you like a particular candidate but want to assess their commitment to your organization before adding them to your company payroll
  • If you are seeking a specialized candidate with a specific educational and professional background (quality candidates are typically searching for, and willing to commit to, opportunities that have growth potential)

As you can see, hiring temporary support is typically most beneficial for unexpected and immediate needs, while hiring someone on a temporary-to-hire basis is a great way to gauge a prospective, long-term employee’s abilities and potential value to your organization – before putting them on your payroll.

If you are looking to add to your team, stop and ask yourself, “What are my staffing needs?” Then connect with your recruiting partner to discuss your situation.  Temporary and temp-to-hire options each have their advantages and the staffing company may be able to provide some valuable insight. Together you can determine which hiring option best fits your business requirements.

At Masiello, we can help you find a workforce best suited to your business. If you find yourself hiring new staff, let us facilitate things for you. Contact our expert staffing and recruiting team to learn how our services can benefit your organization.