Red FlagActions speak louder than words. And while a resume lets you know if you someone has the necessary qualifications and experience to do a job, how someone behaves before and during an interview is a great way to determine a person’s suitability for your company.

To ensure you make sound hiring decisions, take note of these seven interview red flags.

If a candidate:

  • arrives late.  This demonstrates a lack of consideration and respect for an interviewer’s time. The job opportunity (and making a good first impression!) was clearly not a priority. If they can’t arrive on time for the interview, will they arrive on time for work?
  • is dismissive of your employees. Being disrespectful or haughty with the receptionist or any other staff is a huge red flag. If they cannot treat potential colleagues with courtesy and respect before they’re hired, it’s highly unlikely they will after being brought onboard.
  • is vague. An interview is meant to delve beyond the resume and get some additional information on someone’s qualifications. Being unclear, evasive, or unable to provide examples or details about things on their resume may be more than an inability to articulate, it may be an indicator of insincerity.
  • has poor body language. Not shaking your hand, avoiding eye contact, seeming distracted, slouching… are all potential red flags. Some people are shy and uncomfortable, true, but these can be signs of arrogance and lack of interest.
  • is unprepared for the interview.  Did they know about your company’s services, history, or mission? Did they bring extra copies of their resume, or a pen and notepad? Did they silence their phone? Did they have any questions for you? How they prepared for the interview will give you some insight as to how they will likely approach the job.
  • takes zero accountability. Making mistakes is natural, but not taking ownership of any mistakes and blaming others is a bad sign. It says a lot about their approach to responsibility and authority. Pay extra attention if the individual was fired and if they badmouth their former boss.
  • has money on the mind. Talking about money before accepting a job offer is a definite must. However, if their first question regards compensation, they may be more interested in money than the opportunity.

Interviews provide a great deal of insight. They also require a great deal of time, especially if you notice several red flags – of which there are definitely more than seven! Consider partnering with a staffing firm. Recruitment agencies specialize in attracting, screening, interviewing, and hiring, and they have the time to help you find top talent.

At Masiello, we understand that your time is valuable and can help you find a workforce best suited to your business. If you find yourself needing new staff, contact our expert staffing and recruiting team. We would love to tell you how our services can benefit your organization.