Tired of ‘Netflix and Chill,’ watching the same old Hollywood movies and network shows? Looking for something a little more social, with a bit of an independent edge? How would an international film festival sound? Not Cannes, not Sundance, luckily we do not need to travel halfway across the globe to watch great independent movies!

We are fortunate enough to have our own little film series right here in Southwestern New Hampshire. The Monadnock International Film Festival (MONIFF) is a terrific weekend long event that is designed to satisfy film lovers of all kinds. Scheduled to run April 14th-16th in various Keene locations including the Colonial Theatre, Putnam Theatre, Thorne Gallery, Hannah Grimes Center and local restaurants, the festival is a great way to spend a weekend immersed in film culture in the heart of our local arts and social scene.  MONIFF is an event run by locals for locals or anyone who appreciates the art of great filmmaking.

Check out these videos promoting prior MONIFF events, a brief preview of what is to come in 2016!

Thanks to great events like this, our community becomes one of the great selling points to Masiello Employment clients and candidates. Sure we are small, but we have a lot to offer in the way of arts and culture and have enough talented individuals with passionate interests who can put together events like these. Moreover, while we recognize that we are not as prestigious of a venue as some of the better-known festivals, we also like to remember the small town vibe that makes us love where we work, live, and play!

Interested? Here is the full schedule of events. Grab a weekend all access pass, or you can attend film events a la carte. In the meantime, you can also learn about speaker panels, upcoming pre-show events, and keep up on the pulse of the activities via MONIFFs Facebook page. And for anyone who might be thinking of relocating to the area for work, spend a weekend with us watching some great artisan films and find out if your community is right for you!