Mount Monadnock consistently scores as one of the most summited peaks in the world. The reasons for its popularity? Maximum views for minimal effort, several trails and an elaborate trail system, and excellent accessibility from many different entry points. And best of all? It’s right here in our own backyard.

With the foliage starting to drop and temperatures falling into cooler days – now is the perfect time to hike Monadnock and find out what all the fuss is about. With the turning of the season toward winter, the crowds of leaf peepers recede, and the die-hard hikers come out to play.

Where to hike

While there are numerous trails to be taken from various points around the mountain, the most common jumping off point is from the Monadnock State Park HQ located at 116 Poole Rd in Jaffrey, NH.

The most familiar ascent is via the White Dot Trail which runs about two miles to the summit and takes about two hours. Then, most folks descend via the White Cross Trail which is just a wee bit longer…however, you are going down, after all! If you do the math, you can see that this is realistically at least a half day of hiking – four hours at a minimum for the average person – so do be sure to plan ahead. Also, remember how early sunset approaches this time of year. Bring a headlamp just in case!

Additional trails run the gamut from slow and gentle to steep, rocky and nearly treacherous at times, but smooth out on the open, bald face top that provides 360 views across New England. It’s well worth the limited effort to experience this exhilarating but reasonable NH hike.

You can plan ahead using this interactive trail map seen here – warning – there are many trails so be sure to carry a map just in case!

Join the Pack

And as an alternative hike for those who want to try something a little different, we have Mount Monadnock’s smaller and more accessible cousin – called Pack Monadnock – located nearby at Miller State Park. The hike up the Wapack trail is just 1.4 miles and leads you to the summit of “Little Monadnock” and provides lovely views of the grand Mt. Monadnock itself. Finally, for those with accessibility issues, the park also offers a 1.3-mile paved road up Pack Monadnock for those who are unable to hike.

Be safe

However, heed this warning no matter what route or summit you choose – be prepared! Bring extra clothes, water, snacks and whatever you need to accommodate the frequent weather changes to be safe – and never rely on your cell phone to save you in the mountains in case of emergency! Hiking in New England is no joke, and we want you to be safe out there!

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