Congratulations on an awesome job interview! Now you’re waiting to hear how you stacked up against the competition and anxious to know if you’ve secured the position. Of course, this limbo period can be stressful. 

The good news is, at Masiello Employment Services our staffing managers are industry leaders at connecting qualified job seekers with their next great career move. We work every day with local and national companies to fill direct-hire, temporary and temp-to-hire positions. Let us share the ins and outs of what happens after the interview.

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Start as You Mean to Go On

A great first opportunity is during the interview itself. Dress well (even for a virtual interview!). Make good eye contact and project confidence. Listen and answer questions carefully using appropriate language. And be sure to ask a few questions of your own to demonstrate your interest in the organization. 

Before you wrap up the job interview, inquire about the expected timeline of communication. Think: “When may I expect to hear from you?” Or, “What are the steps in the application process?” Then, be sure to wait until the communicated timeline to expect a response.

After, you’ll hear from your trusted Staffing Manager at Masiello. We’re experts at communicating with both client companies and candidates to keep everyone apprised of a position’s status. 

We have also spent years building strong relationships with each of the employers we work with. That’s part of the value we offer in acting as a liaison between you and the companies you’re most interested in. So we know exactly how and when to reach out with your best interests in mind. 


Feedback Time

One of the things your staffing manager will ask is for your feedback. They want to collect thoughts on the interview from both sides so they can provide as much insight as possible and let candidates know where they stand. 

When the Answer is No

As we all know with job searches, sometimes a position ends up being filled, and your staffing manager will let you know if that’s the case. They’ll also offer any relevant feedback if there are improvements you can make for next time. 

If this happens to you, don’t panic. We have hundreds of jobs available and we’ll remain dedicated to finding the right match. It’s also a good move not to burn bridges. Who knows— that company you were interested in may just have another opening down the road. 

Through your staffing manager, you can thank the person who led the job interview and let them know you appreciated the opportunity. You never know what connections this may lead to in the future.

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When There’s an Offer

Here’s another significant benefit of working with an experienced staffing agency. We’re ready to help you handle negotiations from start to finish seamlessly to make sure you get the best offer possible. 

This is a key place where we can help with communication so you can reach an agreement you’re satisfied with. Once you’ve accepted, we can also help you make onboarding arrangements and get you off to a great start!

Help a Friend

Our candidates are often amazed by how much simpler the job hunt can be with a talented staffing manager in their corner. If you end up feeling the same, it’s a great opportunity to pay it forward! Recommend a friend who’s also searching, leave a review online, or share about your experience through word of mouth. Every time someone finds their new job, new life, it’s a win! 

Your Personal Masiello Staffing Manager is Here for You

At Masiello, we love helping qualified job seekers secure their ideal next positions. We’d be happy to help you work though your career move and make the process simpler and less stressful. We have a large network of desirable companies looking to hire and can get you working in a job opportunity that matches your lifestyle needs and career goals. Contact us today!