underemployed“Underemployed” is defined by state labor officials and economists alike as individuals with part-time work who would prefer full-time work. It also includes people whose qualifications exceed their position’s requirements. Often, people end up underemployed due to unfortunate circumstances like being laid-off or a change in circumstance. 

Historically, underemployment can keep workers up against a wall, like in 2008’s recession and poor job market. Luckily, we are currently in a strong, tight job market. Many, many employers are actively recruiting for open positions. 

Why Underemployment is BIG Problem

Sifting through want ads is almost as exhausting as functioning with two or even three part-time positions. It’s so hard to balance lifestyle needs, family-time, and the demands of multiple bosses. Not to mention a disjointed schedule and the stress of not having a secure employment. Being underemployed is exhausting. 

Initially, underemployed individuals often suffer from pay cuts, reduced hours, multiple shifts, the stress of constant job searching, and losing out on family-time. All of these factors can lead to even more stress, such as utility insecurity, draining emergency savings, and cutting costs elsewhere, like healthcare. 

On top of it all, the lack of consistent employment utilizing your most attractive skills can make your resume become spotty. “If you have a string of jobs beneath your skills, it erodes your resume and marketability,” says Ms. Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute.

What to Do If This Sounds Like You

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You may be coping, feeling unsure about your possibilities elsewhere. That’s where Masiello Employment Services can help. We take pride in our focus on you, and we’re ready to listen to your goals and needs. We can help you highlight your achievements on your resume, connect with desirable job opportunities and come off confident in your next interview. As industry professionals, we’re ready to walk you through the process and be with you every step of the way. 

With over 35 years of specialized experience, Masiello has our finger on the pulse of new employment opportunities. We have an extensive network of local and national businesses. And we work every day to connect qualified job seekers with their next great career move. 

Find Your Next Great Fit

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Whether you’re looking for an exciting new role in Office Support, Finance & Accounting, Light Industrial or Skilled Manufacturing, the dedicated Staffing Managers at Masiello will guide you from underemployed to your dream job! 

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Beyond our specialties, we work with companies of all kinds and the highest caliber who care about their employees and the success of their teams. At our staffing agency in Keene’s CVS plaza on West Street, you’ll find a small but highly engaged team of staffing managers pouring energy into their work five days a week.


We love what we do and that makes it easy to serve our clients with focus and integrity. If you have been struggling with underemployment, we’d love to connect with you, answer your job market questions and help you get job security in a rewarding position and a great company. Contact us today!