outdoor recreation

Team building isn’t just about meeting deadlines and finding a good flow. It’s about laughing with your co-workers and recognizing that you have each other’s backs. Outdoor recreation can be the perfect opportunity for your team to develop connection. 

Masiello Employment Services understands how critical trust is to having a cohesive, engaged group of employees that strengthen your business. Making intentional time for team members to connect over a mix of challenge and fun can be game changing. 

That’s why we recommend starting your year off by stepping outside and taking in that fresh air. Give employees a chance to connect outside of work and get to know one another. This creates a positive and enjoyable environment where trust and genuine care can be built.

And nothing builds a team faster than outdoor recreation! 

Wondering where you can find a great outdoor place in the Greenfield, MA area? Thankfully there are many available parks and recreation centers located near you. And each one is as wonderful as the next! 

While we wish we could list them all, here are just a few suggestions to get your Greenfield, MA team outside and moving with each other. (Psssst, check out our destinations for the Monadnock Region, and Brattleboro, VT, too!)

Outdoor Recreation Centers Your Team Will Love

Energy Park

The Greenfield Energy Park is a beautiful example of organizing open spaces around the issues of clean energy.” — Katherine Kottaridis, Director, Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

winter hikingWhether it’s hiking, climbing, or just tossing a disc in a  field, there’s no end to the fun that can come from being outdoors. One such place offers that and more with an inviting gathering place for lunches, concerts, and workshops. 

Located in the heart of downtown Greenfield, Massachusetts, Energy Park is a great spot to set up an end-of-the-week work meet-up. The best part? The park provides programs that bring visitors onsite for community building and to learn more about renewable energy!

Rocky Mountain Park

Poet's Seat Tower

Poet’s Seat Tower, Photo Credit – Jerry Dougherty

Next on our list of great places for outdoor recreation is Rocky Mountain Park. Located in Greenfield, MA, the origins of the park date back as far as 1907. It’s made up of five contiguous parcels of land that include hiking trails and the ever-popular Poet’s Seat Tower.

Currently, there are three maintained trails, each of which leads to Poet’s Seat Tower. These trails also intersect with several of the existing parks in the area, such as Abercrombie Field, Highland Park, and Temple Woods. Sounds perfect for a day hike to get the team out of the office. Stretch your legs together as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter!

And if cool views are on your checklist, a unique feature of Rocky Mountain Park is its forested ridge. It stretches nearly two miles in a north-to-south line and separates the Connecticut River from Greenfield.

The Great Falls Discovery Center

Great Falls Discovery Center

Great Falls Discovery Center, Photo Credit – Maddie List/USFWS

Located in Turners Falls, MA, the Great Falls Discovery Center is a wonderful day trip for your team. With exhibits that show the natural, cultural and industrial history of the Connecticut River Watershed, the Discovery Center allows for an in-depth look into the land.

The main building focuses on flora and fauna, as well as landscapes along the 410-mile long river. Connected to the main building is the Great Hall. It showcases the brick walls and gleaming old wood floors of the former machine shop of the Montague paper company. Step outside to view the layers of rocks and fossils that have been collected over time and reflect the natural geology of Massachusetts.  

This fun and historically educational center would be a great way to bring your team together and have them chatting for years.

Wendell State Forest

Hidden Valley Memorial Forest

Hidden Valley Memorial Forest, Photo Credit – Morrowlong

Our final suggestion on the list of outdoor recreation is to visit the Wendell State Forest. Located in Millers Falls, MA, this preservation is 7,566 acres of rolling hills, streams, ponds and trails. The forest’s available hours are sunrise to sunrise. It’s open year round and has numerous activities available for a fun day trip.

Looking for a great place outdoors to play ice hockey or skate? The park has equipment readily available for use by all visitors! So whether you’re looking for a paved trail to hike, a clean trail to mountain bike or a quaint place to Cross-country ski, Wendell has it all.

There you have it, four amazing places to help your employees get outside and put in that team bonding time near Greenfield, MA. This city is jam-packed with outdoor opportunities to support strong relationships between co-workers.

At Masiello, we believe that understanding people and their need to connect with one another is the key to building a healthy work environment. That’s why our talented Staffing Managers work tirelessly to provide solutions for your business and excel at helping you achieve your goals. 

We’d love to help grow and strengthen your team. Contact us now to make the most of 2023!