After caring for her two young sons as a stay-at-home mom for six years, Tabitha Gochee decided it was time to re-enter the workforce. Yet, she faced a common problem: before raising her sons, she had limited work experience. A friend suggested she contact Masiello, so Tabitha made an appointment and met with Joelle Phippard. Tabitha’s motivation, eagerness to work, and personality made Joelle’s job easy—she was able to secure a contract position for Tabitha with one of Masiello’s light industrial clients within just two days. While Tabitha quickly realized the advantages of working with a staffing firm that recognizes a person’s unique style, skills and abilities, where Tabitha ended up four years later is a testament to her own talent and drive.

Tabitha’s journey with her company began in 2012 when she started as a second shift entry-level packer. She quickly moved into a machine operator role, and then received a promotion into a trainer position, where she taught new employees in both packing and machine operation. A promotion to a senior crew leader position followed, and finally, Tabitha moved into her current role as first shift training coordinator.

In this role, she is responsible for training all temporary employees (including many Masiello employees) and maintaining training documentation, as well as working closely with human resources and performing office administrative duties. “I enjoy helping people, and that’s what I do here,” Tabitha said. “Also, there continues to be a lot of opportunity to advance and learn more.”

As for Masiello, Tabitha adds that we not only helped her secure a job, we also helped her establish a solid career with continued opportunity for growth.

Tabitha proves that even if you start in an entry-level position, anything is possible if you work hard and set goals. Congratulations, Tabitha, on your success!