It’s that wonderful time of year again! The holiday season is upon us which means family, friends, office parties and sharing fond memories of the year gone by.

Ok, and let’s be fair, with all the joy of the holiday, it can add a wee bit of added stress when thinking about holiday gifts.

But here’s your ticket to a stress-free gift giving experience. We’ve chosen 5 top gifts geared toward those friends and office mates in your life who seem to have everything. Plus, we tried to cover a diverse budget and keep things under $100. Just because you don’t spend a lot doesn’t mean you can’t provide fun and interesting gifts.

So, check out these top gift ideas perfect for those who seem to have everything. They are all available online, so you don’t even have to leave the coziness of your home. Many of these items are on sale at the time of this writing – so act fast!

Ready, set shop!

Amazon Echo Dot.

We understand not everyone wants artificial intelligence in their home, but for most – it’s a lot of fun to have someone (virtual) to talk to who only speaks when spoken to! The Alexa Dot is the perfect starter unit. Ask it the time, the weather, to do math or even to make and take calls, turn on lights or just keep you company. For under $30 at the time we write this, you can get anyone started on the path to virtual reality with this high-tech gadget. Check it out. And if you want to crank it up a notch, the $70 Echo is the same device but with a music quality speaker to play all your favorite tunes. “Alexa, play Christmas music!”

Magnetic Bottle Cap Opener

This is for the gadgeteer that has everything. We bet they don’t have this! A magnetic bottle opener that not only removes caps but doesn’t bend them so that they can be popped back on for later – or to keep bees out of your beverage! Plus, it won’t break the bank – currently on sale for $9 but retails for under $15. Check it out.

For those Grown Ups with a Sweet Tooth

Everyone loves candy, and we know a few people who also like a nice glass of wine. No matter which category you fall into, the sweet folks at Sugarfina have developed a line of wine-based confectionaries called Rose All Day that are basically gummy bears – for grownups. And yes, they are a bit expensive if you stop to think about it (candy for $8+ is a grown-up price) but if you decide to splurge on some sweet treats, you’ll have an office mate forever. Some candies even have real 24 karat gold gilding if you really want to make a statement. Isn’t that Sweet!

For the Reader

This one may cost a wee bit more but has a lot of giving power. By giving a gift subscription to Audible (Amazon’s audiobook branded library), your favorite reader can have a full year of books on tape of their choosing to listen to on that long commute. This is a great gift as it will keep you top of mind for the next 12 months as you slowly become their favorite gift giver (and perhaps employee!) Be sure to select the “gift option” unless you want to get a subscription for yourself. Click here to give the gift of books; the plan is on sale for $84.

Give the Gift of Philanthropy    

Many of us really don’t need more ‘stuff,’ and we all have our pet projects we like to support in this time of giving. lets you give a ‘gift card’ that the recipient can then redeem to help teachers across America fund projects for their schools. Real teachers, real projects, real needs – no politics. Plus, gift cards can be mailed, emailed or delivered easily. Check out DonorsChoose at their gift giving page and give, give, give.

We hope you enjoy these gift ideas, and when your holiday shopping is complete, reach out, and we’ll help find you a job to pay for all that kindness!