When success calls, you’d better answer. And be fully prepared!

We at Masiello Employment know all about phone interviews—and the most important thing to know is that a phone interview is very different from a traditional face-to-face interview. As such, there are different techniques for prepping and executing a phone interview.

In this issue, we cover how to best prepare for a phone interview:

Be ready. Even though the idea of chatting on the phone, while you’re at home or in your car, might seem relaxed and casual, remember that a phone interview is still an interview. Be ready for the call; without hesitation, you should know the name of the person you’ll be speaking with, the company he or she represents, and the job in question.

Be well connected. If you’re conducting a phone interview on your mobile phone, be absolutely sure you have good (make that, great) reception at the time of the call. If you’re in a car, make sure it’s parked—you don’t want to lose the call (and your chances of getting the job) to a dead zone.

Find a quiet spot. Turn off the radio. Close the windows. Put the dogs in the cellar. Send the kids out to the back yard (and bribe them to stay out there as long as possible). Do whatever you need to do to create a quiet space so you can focus entirely on the interview.

Be ready. Ten minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin, stop what you’re doing. Grab a notebook and pen. And sit by the phone. Test whatever Bluetooth or headset you might be using by calling your own voicemail. Give yourself this time to relax and get ready for the call. Make notes about what you want to say—you might even want to jot down the interviewer’s name, the company, and the position, just in case you need a reminder during the conversation (see the first tip).

Schedule enough time. Don’t assume a phone interview will be quick. Consider it as you would a face-to-face interview, and allow for as much time as is needed to thoroughly and thoughtfully answer each question. If you’re anxious for the call to end, trust us, the interviewer will know, even if he or she can’t see you glancing at your watch.

In a follow-up post, we’ll let you know what to do once the phone rings. In the meantime, the Masiello Employment recruiting team is always here for a free consultation. Just give us a call.