There’s nothing like the first day of a new job. It’s exciting and thrilling and scary and overwhelming, all at once, with new responsibilities to assume, new tasks to master, and new people to meet—with new names to remember!

We at Masiello Employment have ushered countless people into their first day of a new job. In doing so, we’ve calmed a lot of nerves, answered a lot of questions, and offered a lot of advice—and we’ve compiled our best tips into this “First Day of a New Job” edition of Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares. 

Do… Be on time. You know the importance of making a good first impression. So, plan your commute ahead of time—you might even want to drive a few practice runs so you know exactly how much time it takes to get from door to door, or use google maps and carefully consider potential traffic along the way. Also, plan to stay late on your first day, just in case.

Don’t-You-Dare… Arrive to work after a late night, especially if you look like you had a late night. Go to bed early and get plenty of rest the night before, so you arrive looking and feeling refreshed and ready to go (it’s that good first impression thing again).

Do… Dress properly for your new position. Find out the company’s dress code well ahead of time, and wear an outfit that fully respects the code—and remember it’s always better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed.

Don’t-You-Dare… Decline an invite to join your new co-workers at lunch or for a walk around your new work place or even grab a couple of drinks after work. This is a great chance to get to know the people you work with, and it gives them a chance to get to know you! So be open to all opportunities to spend time with them away from the work zone. If nothing else, grab a coffee with the team and leave shortly after, just make a concerted effort to be part of the group.

Do… Ask questions as they come up—no one expects you to know everything about your new role, and uncertainties are sure to creep up; vocalizing these unknowns (without the slightest hint of embarrassment) is the easiest, most effective way to get the answers you need, even if it’s just directions to the closest bathroom.

Don’t-You-Dare… Be overly introverted. Even if it goes against your grain, be friendly and out-going—say “hi” and introduce yourself to new co-workers as you pass them in the halls or meet them in the lunch room.

Do… Be ready for anything. You might start your new job five minutes after clocking in, or you might spend that first day (or first week) meeting with Human Resources and new co-workers. Go with the flow and try to get the most out of whatever happens; if you do meet with co-workers, bring a notebook and pen and take copious notes to help smooth your new-employee transition.

Don’t-You-Dare… Be unfamiliar with your new employer. Do all the research you can about your new employer prior to your first day so you know the ins and outs of the company and any clients.

Do… Have team spirit. Beyond just knowing what you should know about your new company, find those things you really love (say, your new company’s unrivaled inventiveness) that leave you feeling extra enthusiastic about your new job. You do not want to come across as a company cheerleader, of course, but—if asked—you should be able to quickly state a few favorite things about your new company.

Don’t-You-Dare… Participate in office gossip. While everyone sees you as a new co-worker, the office gossips might see you as his or her new audience member. If anyone tries to secretly share unflattering details with you about the company or co-workers, politely excuse yourself from the conversation.

Do… Be positive. This might be the best tip of all. A positive attitude works wonders—it makes you feel good (even if it’s a “fake it until you make it” scenario) and also gives your new co-workers an optimistic outlook about you.

Share with us: What’s your best advice for the first day of work? We want to know!

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