When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to turn inward and focus solely on your own needs. As it turns out, it’s an ideal time to practice some selflessness by volunteering.

Sixty percent of the 3,000+ hiring managers and HR professionals surveyed by Harris Interactive revealed that volunteering makes a potential candidate more marketable, as it clearly demonstrates a score of positive characteristics.

At Masiello Employment Services, we’ve long encouraged those looking for work to dedicate some of their time to helping others. Here, we share our insight into why and where to volunteer.


  1. Maintain Strengths or Gain Experience. The work you do as a volunteer is valuable work, whatever you do. If you can, focus on tasks that play to your professional strengths or take advantage of training to develop new abilities you need to land the job of your dreams.
  2. Eliminate Work Gaps. When your volunteer work is the same or similar to your professional work, adding it to your resume will partially fill in the gap in your resume.
  3. Preserve Professional Discipline. Getting up every day with a place to go and responsibilities to fulfill will keep you in work mode.
  4. Stay Social. It’s easy to isolate yourself when you’re looking for work, but being volunteering keeps you around other people, and offers plenty of social interactions. Also, think of everyone you interact as the potential key to your job search, so network accordingly.
  5. Stay Positive. A side effect of volunteering is happiness, which is an especially welcome feeling during the stress of a job search.


Many places are looking for volunteers in Keene, like:

Click here to see many additional volunteer openings within Keene, New Hampshire.

 You’ll never regret the time you spend in the service of others. The recruiters at Masiello Employment Services are certainly pleased to provide the service of helping you find your perfect job—just give us a call.