seasonal-jobsEveryone can use a little extra cash for the holidays. That is simply a fact. It is the one time of the year when more is always better! So, if you need a little boost in your pocketbook, why not consider a Seasonal Job?

Seasonal  jobs are terrific for many individuals. The work is often fun, and usually very active – not many people complain of boredom this time of year! Folks are in good spirits, retail is booming, and it is exciting just to be around the energy of the holiday season. It is also a perfect time for stay-at-home parents to get a taste of the working world and be around others in the workplace getting their holiday spirit on. Part-time, seasonal roles are an excellent way to make new connections that can come in handy down the road as a full-time job search begins.

To aid in a seasonal jobs search (or any job search), Masiello Employment has a robust 24/7 job board online that lists all our open positions, including seasonal roles:

For anyone interested in a seasonal position, you are welcome to scan through our available jobs. We have made it simple by designating roles as “Seasonal.” Just enter the term “Seasonal” in the KEYWORDS search box to refine the results to reflect these temporary jobs which are perfect for anyone seeking a little holiday income without making a long-term commitment.

So, stay tuned! We will be adding more seasonal roles as we approach Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas time – check in with our recruiters, get a resume handy and be prepared for some extra income this holiday season!