art-galleryWe would like to take a step back from recruiting for a moment and share a great, local story involving a donation of an iconic painting to Keene State College’s Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery.

Keene State recently accepted a generous gift from Jamie Trowbridge on behalf of his family and Yankee Publications – the folks behind everyone’s favorite new England-based publication Yankee Magazine. The donation was made to adorn Thorne’s collection permanently.

Based on this Keene State article, “The painting is by artist, matriarch, and innovator BeaTrix Sagendorph. Titled “Mount Monadnock, N. H., and Dublin Lake,” the piece is a unique depiction of a landscape that has inspired generations of artists and nature-lovers.”

BeaTrix’s work has been a staple of the iconic Yankee Magazine cover art, which established their brand long before branding was a marketing ‘thing’. And as you all know, we are proud of anything positive involving the Monadnock region. The mountains and the lakes serve as a beautiful backdrop for our local economy. We have boasted about our exceptional way of life in the past on this blog, in autumn, in summer, and encourage others to join us by relocating to our little slice of paradise.

Says the post, “BeaTrix Sagendorph (1900-1985) provided the bulk of 50 years of covers for Yankee Magazine. She helped to define the look and tone of the publication through the force of her personality and via design and editorial discussions and decisions. Deeply connected to the Monadnock Region through her art and her family, Sagendorph produced hundreds of artworks that, in a host of ways, captured the moods, views, changes, and the constants that define the southern corner of New Hampshire. She also championed arts and culture organizations – including the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery – and supported individual artists throughout her long life. The donated work is a symbol of the broad cultural reach and deep community roots of an artist whose works have defined – and in a certain sense defied – our sense of the Monadnock Region.”

That quote pretty much says it all – the painting represents the culture and community that we love and we are happy to see it made available to all who visit the Monadnock region.

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