With a flurry of shimmering colors in the night sky, the traditional Fourth of July Celebration kicks off the official start of Summer in New England. We are pretty sure the last frost of the year has passed and look forward to warm, humid days and cool swimming holes in our future.

So what do we do about our job search?

Summer is a tough time for certain. Once kids are out of school, a whole new element of time constraints come into play for most working adults. Members of hiring teams take vacations, and there isn’t a tremendous budgetary pressure to fill a job mid-year. Employers know Summer is an overall cog in productivity for most industries.

However, this also proves an opportunity. For those hiring managers who are motivated to filling their jobs, for example, those with significant end-of-year project deliverables, the season is irrelevant. Summer makes their lives more difficult as the available candidate pool weakens; applications slow down, and scheduling interviews become next to impossible. For those focused on finding a new role, this may prove a perfect opportunity to be on your game and deliver yourself to potential employers. As they say, timing is everything, and a little competitive advantage is never a bad thing.

Do be aware that the interview cycles can be slower and more difficult as a result of vacation schedules in the Summer, but don’t let it get you down. The average time to fill for roles is between 40-45 days says typical recruiting wisdom, regardless of the season. It may take a little longer to get a result, but there is often a benefit to being considered for a role over a longer period of time. The hiring team comes to know and trust you, and a rapport develops if you stay positive and engaged. Play your cards right and roll with the punches, and you may just earn the trust of your hiring managers – by being present, professional, courteous, and demonstrating patience – you can show your true self and be the type of person a company wants on their team. Come September when things cool down you may be top of the shortlist and be the first to receive an offer, having done your prep work when everyone else was sunning themselves on the beach and just starting to put their resume out there.

With all this being said, it is also important to note that recruiters and HR folks are also out from time to time, so be sure to stay in communication and expect that there will be days when you will not be able to reach everyone. These days make perfect beach days of your own.

To summarize:

Be present. Be diligent. Be patient.

It is an excellent time to be fully on your game and job search as the rest of the world is underwater with the busy demands of summer. If you are serious about finding a new job, be in control of your job search and take the time to be present. Check email, answer calls, and send resumes and cover letters diligently.

If your heart is not in it, take a break.

The worst thing you can do is apply to jobs late at night when your head and heart are not there to follow up the next day or be available when calls come through for interview requests. So if you are not entirely present in your job search, do yourself a favor and take a break until you have time to devote to the cause. Let your recruiters know you are on a temporary hold so you do not end up in an awkward position. Never close any doors but do be mindful of other’s time and energy.

Use a limited amount of your vacation time on yourself and your career.

You most definitely need time to unwind and declutter your mind. If you are taking vacation time, having ‘me’ time and creating memories with friends and family should be a priority. However, instead of watching reruns on TV in the evening, schedule a few hours of your vacation to actively update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your arsenal of cover letters. With a clear and relaxed mind, you can better understand who you are, what you aspire to be, and the type of role will best suit you in your career progression.

So for those of you who are eager to find your next position, even though it is summer, get on it!

From all of us at Masiello Employment, we wish you a terrific Independence Day, a Happy 4th of July, and a year full of great summer memories to carry you through the year! We thank everyone who has fought for our freedoms as Americans and are pleased that our role as recruiters allows us to better the lives of individuals and help keep the American job economy running strong.