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If you read our last blog, Work-Life Balance: The #1 Priority for Job Seekers in 2022, you know that in 2021, more than 4 million American workers left their jobs. This happened for a variety of reasons, but corporate culture is high on the list. Now, the demand we’re seeing for workers is very much in the job seeker’s court. Employers are searching high and low to evaluate their strategies for finding and retaining top talent. 

At Masiello Employment Services, we connect that top talent with companies that will propel their careers, motivate their best work and reward them for a job well done. With extensive national and local networks, we communicate daily with hiring managers. And we make it our business to build tailor-made staffing solutions.

Why Does Corporate Culture Matter?

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We can tell you that corporate culture is definitely on the minds of job seekers. We see it every day as they sift through open positions, looking for advantages in job benefits. And in this tight job market, it’s not just about acquiring new employees. It’s about keeping those amazing individuals who are already qualified, trained, and doing a good job. 

In a recent Salesforce survey, employees who considered themselves listened to and empowered were 4.6 times more likely to do their best work. So it makes sense to get your corporate culture right. 

What is Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is about how the people of a company act, feel, and think. It’s the atmosphere of a business, the social and psychological environment. It defines the values, ethics, and actions of the company. Relaying this corporate sense of self to new or potential staff can be tricky. But getting it right is essential for making a sustainable match. 

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Prioritizing well-being is a highly valued quality within a company today. In listening to our clients, businesses and qualified job seekers alike, we know that one of the keys to fostering a corporate culture that works for its employees is just that: listening. Not surprisingly, understanding and respecting your staff is step number one to retaining those individuals. 

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Approaches to an Attractive Corporate Culture

Having a clearly defined corporate culture will set the stage for success. If you have already developed a working definition, great. But updating it with the times will keep you ahead of the curve. 

  • Surveys:

    A current survey can confirm that expectations match reality and that all employees have a chance to contribute and feel heard. Corporations evolve with their staff; aligning values across teams will keep everyone connected. 

  • Round Table Discussions:

    Schedule a space and time where management can meet with a number of staff. Make it casual so staff feel relaxed and invited to participate, maybe even off-site at a local coffee shop or outdoor recreation space. Send out topics and questions ahead of time so people are not put on the spot. Then they have an opportunity to brainstorm their responses. The more people communicate, the more effective the discussion will be.

  • Less is Often More:

    Active listening takes practice and effort. It can mean taking a pause to breathe and consider an answer no matter what is on the table.   

  • Implementing Change:

    Providing your staff with tools for success and listening to their ideas and needs can sometimes mean changing something around the office. But, if your staff shares their needs and it’s falling on deaf ears, you’ll often see increased burnout. 

  • Branding is a Crucial Element of Corporate Culture:

    Listening, understanding, and branding go hand-in-hand with demonstrating an attractive corporate culture. It’s how you tell the outside world where the values, ethics, and actions of your company exist. 

At Masiello, we believe in the companies we work with. Our dedicated Staffing Managers strive to connect with hiring managers and job applicants to align their staffing and career goals. We love the community of terrific talent we are privileged to serve every day. It’s our mission to connect qualified job seekers with their best opportunities. Connect with us today and spark the staffing solutions you’ve been looking for!