When hiring temporary staff, it is important to make sure that they feel welcomed and like part of the team.

officesupportThat being said, you should also keep your core team in mind.

Hiring additional support can sometimes cause internal employees to feel uncomfortable and slightly threatened by the newcomers.  So keep in mind that adding temporary workers is an adjustment for everyone.

How do you prepare your staff for temporary help, and make the integration process an easy one?

Open communication is crucial. It will not only help prevent your staff from being caught unaware, it will also help nip any gossip in the bud.

  • Tell them in advance that temporary support is coming! Catching employees off guard could lead to tension and possibly hostility toward the temp staff. Not only is there a risk that they will feel threatened, they may be uninclined to help with training and assisting the temporary employee.
  • Explain why you hired additional staff. Your employees will wonder: who is this person and why are they here? It’s best to address the issue right away and let them know why you hired temporary support. Did you hire additional support because there’s a special project? Is it peak season for your business?
  • Let them know that they shouldn’t feel threatened. Bringing on employees to do a similar job may make some of your internal staff fear that they are at risk to lose their job. Ease their worries. Ensure them that their jobs are not in danger and that their roles have not changed.
  • Ensure your team understands how hiring temporary staff will benefit them. Explain how hiring extra workers is beneficial to them in the long run – since they won’t have to work long hours or take on an additional workload, etc. Poor work-life balance is a big cause of job dissatisfaction. Let them know you are trying to help them, not double their workload.
  • Make your employees feel like their opinions matter. If they have comments, questions, or concerns, regarding the temporary staff, encourage your staff to communicate them with you.

If you’re in the process of hiring additional staff, or thinking about the possibility, there are many benefits to doing so: increased productivity and workload reduction come immediately to mind.

And if you follow the above steps, the integration process can be a smooth one.

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